Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Best ideas Come in the Shower

I wrote the blog last week and talked a bit about getting back into the writing of the blog. I like it and I know that there are people out there that read it all the time, but I've been slacking on it! Can you agree with me that its hard to get back into the habit of something? Its easy to break it, but its hard to get back into it. I've been struggling to say the least.
I think that the hardest part is that life seems to take hold and give you many distractions that keep you from accomplishing what you want to accomplish. Its an easy excuse to use, but the truth is that we make a priority what we make a priority, and the blog has been, well, not the biggest priority.
All morning I've been thinking about what to write about and struggling a bit. My cousin and her family came into town last night, and so this morning when I was sitting down to blog, they had all got up, we started talking, and it just kind of fell by the side. But I really wanted to write it! I'm thinking and praying and asking the Lord to give me something to pass on. Something that I can share that will impact a few and encourage along the way, and coming up with absolutely nothing.
I'm in the shower. Shaving my face, and the power goes out. No fan. No lights. Doneski. It occurred to me that my cousin didn't realize that in our '77 split level that both bathrooms, the garage, our bedroom, and the TV room are all on the same circuit. Its sweet, because it trips the breaker all the time. Especially if you try and blowdry your hair in the downstairs bathroom. She of course didn't know this, and thus the circuit was tripped once again.
Design flaws of the wiring of our house aside here's the low down on electrical- The circuit can only handle so much draw on the wattage and amps. If you exceed it, it turns off to keep your main panel from frying, and burning your house down. Its quite ingenious. Its got a built in function to keep you from overloading the circuit and doing big damage to your house.
Making the connection yet? Some people's lives are like my circuit. Overloaded. They are doing so much that they circuit panel of their life is overloaded. So what happens is that they end up constantly feeling drained and sapped of energy because they are overloading themselves.
The answer for my circuit and our lives is to have less things that are drawing our energy so we can function efficiently.
Are you doing too much? Are you overloaded? Ask the Lord to reveal to you what you shouldn't be doing and do less of it. Expend less energy on worthless things and watch what it does to the energy in your life.

God never intended our lives to be so overloaded that we can't experience Him in fullness.
Be blessed

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