Tuesday, May 17, 2011

$12,000 Dollars For a Coin Anyone?

Have you ever seen that show "Pawn Stars"? We've got Netflix at our house, and I've been watching a ton of episodes of that show lately. Its a great show. Compared to a lot of the other drivel that is out there, its pretty clean. If you don't know the show here it is in a nutshell- people come into a pawn shop to either sell or pawn what they have. The show centers around the shop owners who try to get the merchandise for as little money as possible, while the owner of the item tries to extract as much money as they can from the shop. 

It can get pretty interesting. 

One of the sub-plots of the show is that often, people bring things into the shop that they 'know are authentic' that eventually are proved to be a fraud. The person wasn't trying to deceive the shop, they genuinely thought the item they had was real, they were just misinformed. 

Here's is something that also happens in every show- someone always brings in an item that they think is worth far more than it actually is. One episode I watched last night there was a guy who thought his 'authentic' coin was worth $12,000, when in actuality this guy had paid $285 for paper weight. 

Needless to say, the guy was quite sad to find out about the true value of his possession.

As I was watching the show it occurred to me- often times people put far too much value on the things that they have. I think I'm close to reason why this happens. Often people put high value on the things that they have because they believe, either consciously or sub-consciously that if the item(s) that they possess have a high value, then somehow that translates to their value. 

They think that if they can hold something of value in their hand, that they themselves are valuable. 

On the flipside- (and you see this in the face of the shop patrons) if the item they bring in has little to no value, they feel devalued. As if they no longer matter. 

Here's the deal- what you have does not define who you are. How much something is worth that you possess does not make you more or less valuable.

Who defines the value of something? The person who created it. Whatever we create we find valuable. So here's what I want you to focus on today- God created you, and therefore you have value. The value that He has in you is intrinsic. It cannot be bought or sold. It cannot be fathomed by the world. It does not require the validation of another person to be true. 

It is true because God's word says that it is true. He says that you are the best thing that He has ever made. He says that He loves you.

Chew on that today. Don't go around looking for value in what you have or don't have. Realize that your value is directly connected to the one who created you, and He says that you are highly valuable. 

Be blessed
pastor matt 

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