Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Reason For People To Not Go To Church

Some people think church is outdated. A thing of that past that has lost its usefulness. To them its merely a place of social interaction and recreation, not a place of worship and fellowship.

I can understand why some people don't want to go to church. Usually its because of some bad experience with a leader, or a group of people. There has been a bunch of people who have ruined church for others because of their actions.

Here's another one to add to the list. You can read the article here. Its a bit interesting. Some guy in Wisconsin used a stun gun a male dance instructor repeatedly because "his church does not condone touching while dancing".

Nice. Chalk up another one for the weirdos of the world.

Here's the frustrating part. Church is a great place with a bunch of great people. Its an opportunity to connect with God and people. Its the heart of God. The church is one of the means by which God moves on this planet. It important. But when you have a bunch of weirdos out there doing stuff like this an then talking about church, I don't think it does a bunch for the PR of the church.

What I don't think that this stun gun guy realizes is that he is hurting, not helping his church. His actions are harming his church.

Now I realize that every person who reads this blog is not the church going type, and that's good, but let me say a few things about this. To the church types, and not church types.

1. This is not what you should expect at a normal church. We do not stun gun people.

2. If you go to a church, do not stun gun people. They will not come back.

There. I think that clears things up a bit.

The nugget for the day? Church or not, we need to be people that love people regardless of what they do. Dance instructor or not, we need to be people of love.

There is a self-righteous attitude that permeates many peoples lives that inhibits their ability to adequately love others. If they would start to love others, instead of attack them, both physically and emotionally, it would change lives.

Be loving today. Don't stun gun anyone.


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  1. And if people really want to know what to expect at church these days...there is this 'awesome' service available...ChurchRater. They ran a story on it on King5 news yesterday! You can check out the story on the ChurchRater website...