Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barack Obama Parked My Car Yesterday- Pic Included

Yesterday I had to go to Valley Medical Center in Renton Washington. My friend, who is 40, had a heart attack on Sunday. He is now OK. We saw him, he's in good spirits, and appears to have no residual effects from the heart attack.

Its kind of scary though. He's 40 years old, exercises, and had a heart attack? Heart attacks are what happens to old people who are overweight, don't exercise, and smoke a lot. It doesn't happen to people who are 40. At least, that's what I thought.

I don't want to be macabre about the whole thing, but he almost went to be with Jesus on Sunday. He was participating in a 12K run, and had the attack during the last mile and was able to make it to the finish line. It was quite convenient that he had it on Sunday. Next week he was supposed to be in rural Honduras on a mission trip. What would have happened then?

Here's the deal about my friend. He's a great guy. Wonderful personality. Lots of love. Great husband and father. He loves God. You couldn't find a better guy. He's stellar. But no matter who you are and what you do, you can't control when calamity may come knocking on your door. It could happen to any of us. What I love about seeing him yesterday was his attitude.

It was so apparent that he wasn't going to let this ruin him. No complaints, no misery, no 'woe is me'. If you would have saw him in street clothes you wouldn't have known what happened. My friend knows what a lot of people don't know- its not what happens to you, its how you respond to it. He could use the attack as a reason to be upset with God, or the world, or himself. He could be scared, sad, or worried, but he's not. He's charging forward, knowing that God is going to see him through this as He has shown him through everything else.

Here's the nugget for the day- you may not have had a heart attack, but I'm sure you've had or will have some calamity in your life. Don't let it ruin you. Deal with it with an attitude that declares that this calamity will not be your end. Praise God for victory through times of trial, knowing that you will get through it.

Be blessed

ps- Oh yea, check out the pic of this guy who was my Valet yesterday at the hospital. Doesn't he look a bit like the Commander in Chief? Rather fitting he's wearing a "Health Care" hat isn't it? Do you think he looks like him?


  1. I am living the attitude adjustment myself. Car was vandalised this weekend and its costing me a lot of money. I have decided to get over being mad and get on with my life. I am not going to let this person or situation control my happiness. I am blessed. No matter what 'they' do to me.

  2. Matt,
    Thanks Brother, those are the kindest words I've read or heard about myself. I owe everything to God including all my friends and relatives that came, called or emailed to support me and my family during this time of need. Alana was the true trooper, thank God it was only temporary, I can't imagine how tough it would be to go at this alone for the duration, she deserves a gold medal.

    This is a game changer for me, God has put things more in perspective for me through His grace. He literally carried me into that cardiac unit even though it was my feet touching the ground and now I can be a better man for it. It's a true miracle I survived. When I read your blog about "Commander in Chief" I thought about "Creator in Chief" as my true and only leader. God is awesome and works in His own mysterious way, we only pretend to be in control. I only wish that it didn't take such a game changing event to truly see it. I've had faith for many years but now I really believe it's been physically proven to me, I'm grateful and fortunate for that.

    Thanks again for your prayers and support, you and your family are very important to us. And know that I will be there for you in your time of need whenever necessary.

    Blessings in Christ,

    P.S. I didn't even come in last place, 12K in 1:26:15, now that is a miracle. I'll always wear my race shirt with huge Jesus pride.

  3. What a great testimony to the Lord, God bless him,you are truley walking in the spirit when a heartattack comes your way,in this case it would be more of a heart check.,and by the end of the story I can see you were "PACKED UP,PRAYED UP ,AND LOOKING UP!!" and ready to go well here's to another knocth in your shephards staff, and it's true, this is just another exsperience for you ,and part of who you are and not what you are. If on times to come you find yourself helping others thru what you have been thru it's just the Lord reminding you you have a "CHAMPIONS HEART" and that you are the victor yet a victom of circumstances God bless, your brother in christ Jesus Mark