Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Probably The Worst Parent In The World

I write a blog, I also read a few. One of the few that I read is called "The Art Of Manliness" its a pretty sweet blog. Its all about man stuff. Shaving, bare knuckled fighting, being a good husband. Its not really a Christian blog, but it definitely shares Christian principles. I think I'm mature enough to weed through the stuff that is no good, so I like it.

Yesterday had a really good post, that changed our life yesterday. I wanted to share with you part of what it said.

Here's an excerpt-

"I’ve taken some flack for being too hard on video gamers. In truth, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing an occasional video game. The reason I frequently mention video games in connection with the problem of arrested manhood, is not the games themselves, but what they symbolize.

Whereas men once fought as soldiers, they now pretend to be ones. Where men used to play baseball and football, they now control avatars who play for them. Where men used to play an instrument, they now press buttons on a plastic toy. Where we once created, we now consume.

Why play a plastic guitar for hours instead of learning how to play the real thing? The answer of course it that doing the real thing is harder. Struggling with something tangible, something without a reset button takes dedication and commitment. So why bother?

The labor one performs transforms something in the environment, which in turn transforms you. The act of creation shapes you as a man, refines your sensibilities, improves your strengths, hones your concentration, and builds your character. Passive consumption leaves you untouched and unchanged. Consumptions breeds indifference; creation begets empowerment."

You can read the whole article here if you would like-

Here's what happened, I read that article before Crystal and I went to the gym. I thought about it alot when I was on the treadmill. When we got done, I shared it with her and we decided to get rid of cable television in our house yesterday. We realized that our kids are watching too much TV and we figured if we got rid of it they would watch less. In turn, they would consume less, and hopefully be more creative and impactful in their world.

We got home from the gym, and I unplugged the cable boxes and we went down to Comcast and turned them in. It saved us 90 dollars a month.

The funny part of the story is that our kids weren't too happy when they got home, the important part is that when faced with a truth about our family, we took some immediate action. It may make me a bad parent in my kids eyes because they aren't going to be able to rot their brain as easy. But I know that having more time as a family, and less negative influence from TV will honor God and bless us in the process.

There's a lot of nuggets in this blog today, but here's one- There will come times in your life when you must face a harsh reality of something you should change. You are either going to do it, or ignore it. Don't ignore it. Do it before you change your mind.

God will use whatever means necessary to get you to make improvements in your life. He'll use his Word, his people, and some blogs sometimes. Don't fight it. Allow him to change you.

Oh, and get rid of cable.

Be blessed


  1. Hurray for you and your family! What a hard decision that was and you did it before you "came to your senses". I'm proud of you both. We are struggling with the same decision. We only have cable for a few channels - History, Animal Planet, Comedy Central and the Political Channels. Lately we feel the History channel is about everything but history, Animal Planet is boring, Comedy Central has become too vulgar and the political channels are either telling me I'm bad and those other people are good or the reverse - either way I don't think it's that simple.

  2. Matt,
    I think Steve has already told you, but we did the same thing about a month ago and while it took a bit of getting used to, it is amazing how much you realize that you don't really miss the shows and other things that you thought you wouldn't be able to live without. We put more thought into what Haydn watches, what we watch (even though we are marathoning through the Lost series right now!)and how we are spending our time. I thought I would miss more than I do, but I can watch my particular shows from Hulu. Now, if we can just get the cables to get the computer hooked up to that big black rectangle decorating our wall!!

  3. Great blog. Just think of what God will be able to do with the $1080.00 you will save this year by not having cable!

  4. Great blog today Matt. Hits home in a lot of ways. I've been struggling with Christianna and the tv and how it just turns her into a complete zombie. We've been turning it off a lot more lately and it's actually nice to not have that distraction. Getting rid of cable all together, not sure I can make that move just yet. I mean, what about football??? It's baby steps for us. Turn it off more and more and eventually (maybe) we can wean ourselves off of the tube.

  5. Good job Pastor Matt, Whack that o'l one eyed devil let him know who's the boss you owned it, but it seemed to have a hold on you, that's the old "PENTACOSTAL SPIRIT!" now all you good people reading this, understand this as Corbett has already done the math besides the $1,080 you will save the time that was being spent on that, will now be open for God to move in you can bank on that "If you draw nigh unto me I will draw nigh unto you!"amen. When they swicthed over to didgital we shut down totally for 6 months we saved our rabbit ears that now serve as antenas for the 26" flat screen we caught on sale and pick up over 25 channels with just rabbit ears. Here's somthing to think about any time you questin whether or not you need somthing or not just multiply the cost buy 12 months and you'll get your answer like one $5,00 star buck coffee a day times 365 days $1,825.00 per year and if both of you are getting one 3,650.00 thats some serious jingle I think I'ld get me a can of whip cream and some shaved almonds and teach my self to make my own hello,I'm happy for you Pastor Matt and family make it work for you stay blessed!