Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apparently I abuse my children.

My son got his hair cut yesterday. Finally. That hair was so long I thought he was in a 80s rock band. We've been tolerating that hair for a long time, but yesterday we were just done with it and took him to the barber.
He's 10 years old. Its a difficult age, where we battle between what they want, and what we want. Yesterday, at the barber shop, we looked at some books of hairstyles and found a compromise. Something that we both liked. When he was done, it was considerably shorter than before.
I love it. He hates it.
He's really hating it this morning as he is getting ready to go to school and face the world. I'm sure you can remember what it was like when you were in school and got a haircut and how the kids were. When I was a kid they would chant "matt got a haircut, matt got a haircut". I wasn't special, we did that to every kid.
Sure, we were young, but I don't think adults are much different. Here's the common theme that runs through our society-
Change something and we'll ridicule you.
Good or bad people don't like it when people change. We want them to stay the way that they are. For some reason, when they change, it forces us to look at things from a different. perspective, and for some reason, we don't like it.
Its really hard to look at something differently after we've made our mind up that something should be a certain way.
What's the point today? I'm not sure if you've realized it yet, but God constantly expects us to be changing. He's got us on a path of development that necessitates changing our thoughts our actions and at the same time allowing other people to change. My son's haircut is demonstrating that today.
Are you resistant to change? Do you challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort zone, no matter how hard it is? Typically we don't like to be uncomfortable, so when faced with a time to be uncomfortable, however big or small, we avoid it at all costs.
Embrace it. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable and see what happens.
Here's what I think will happen- you'll find that in the midst of your changing experience that God is with you, He's guiding you, and you'll get through it. But if you never change anything, you'll never grow, and if you never grow, you'll be the same.
Try something different today. Get outside of your comfort zone. Allow God to change you. Don't worry about what everyone else will think, all that matters is what God thinks.
He thinks you should allow Him to change you, and allow other people to change.
Go get a haircut.
be blessed
pastor matt

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  1. Hi Matt! This made me think of one of my favorite quotes, "Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves." Sometimes the biggest changes must come from within. Love you lots! Thanks for the blog.