Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trimming The Dog At Wal-Mart (pic included)


Do you ever wonder what people are thinking when they do what they do? I do. Constantly.
Yesterday we went to WalMart to go pick up some things, and when we came out- it was raining. We loaded up our treasures and got in the truck. Crystal was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and she got a phone call. Since she was on the phone, I sat there and was looking around and saw a dog across the parking lot.
It wasn't so interesting that I saw a dog, what was interesting is that there were two ladies that were grooming the dog right there in the parking lot, in the rain. Now, in the picture you can't see it very well, but there are really big tufts of hair that are coming off this dog that are on the ground.
Did you get that? In the parking lot of a store, in the rain, people were grooming their dog and leaving the shavings on the ground.
What is the world coming to? I was surprised that they weren't wearing their pajamas like other gems I see at the Walmart. (That's right. I'm one of those rare people who think that you shouldn't wear bedclothes in public)
Here's the deal- I'm all in to 'freedom' and all that stuff. I think that we should have a semblance of openness and acceptance, but isn't there something to be said for social norms? Have we become a society of pajama wearing dog groomers who don't hold doors for people anymore?
If you're like me, you probably think that what you do is acceptable, if you didn't you probably wouldn't do it. But let me challenge that for a moment.
If what you are doing is annoying or inconveniencing someone else, perhaps you shouldn't be doing it.
Is there something inherently evil about grooming a dog? No. But who cleans up the hair? Is that the best place for it?
Who knows- maybe I'm off on this one. Its possible that I'm a social tyrant that thinks that people should be more thoughtful of others and think about how their actions affect people. In a world that is getting larger, with more people, I think that we need to work on getting along a bit better.
Sure, we do not have to be overly concerned with every last action that we do in fear of offending someone, but lets keep it real. There are, or at least there used to be, societal norms of acceptable behavior that most people adhered to. Speak when spoken to. Smile back. Hold a door. Pick up your trash. Wait your turn. Those types of things.
Reflect on that today. Maybe you've got an annoyance that is churning the stomachs of the world that you should stop. Don't be prideful of it. Allow the Lord to help you today to not annoy the world.
There is nothing wrong with being too polite.
There's the rant for the day.
Be blessed
pastor matt

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