Friday, July 31, 2009

Within Arms Reach (Picture Included)

I said I would share some adventures from our vacation, here's one.

Part of our vacation, I had the opportunity to stay with a college friend from Seattle Pacific University, Jason and his wife Emily. They are superb people. They were so hospitable to us, and took great care of us while we were there. I am sure I gained weight while there because of the scrumptious food.

Jason's Dad has a boat, so they decided to take us out in it while we were there. They live in Encinitas, right out side San Diego, and the place they took us was in San Diego Bay, right off Coronado.

Jason, his dad, and I went down early to the boat launch to ensure that we would get some prime parking, so to waste some time while waiting for the rest of the family, we went out to the open ocean through the bay.

What's interesting about the mouth of the bay, is that you can be a mile from shore and the water is only about 30 feet deep. While we were out there, we spotted a pod of dolphins! Man, it was so so cool! There was about 5 or so of them swimming together, so we drove the boat up to try and get closer to them.
We got so close that our boat was actually right on top of them, I was laying down on the bow of the boat and there were two dolphins on either side of the boat under the water just a few feet. It was exhilarating to see two fantastic creatures in the wild! I had never been so close to a dolphin before in my life!

Jason did his best to maneuver us close to the dolphins, and as I was laying on the bow of the boat, with my arm fully extended in the the water, I came about 6 inches away from touching the dolphin!! I was literally screaming with excitement! It was one of the neatest experiences of my vacation.

As we were coming back into the bay, I was thinking to myself how awesome it was to see such a beautiful animal in the wild. To watch them swim and jump with each other and think how God wonderfully made these creatures. It occurred to me, how is it possible that people think that there is no God?

To me, there is no possibility that we are a random organism that evolved out some green ooze. Viewing those dolphins brought to my mind the fact that God created them, and us, and that's a beautiful thing.

Remind yourself of that today. You were created by God. So were the dolphins.

be blessed today

here's the pic I took with my phone when we were coming up on them.

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  1. I had a similar experience when an Orca spyhopped right in front of me - right there before me was the beauty, majesty and glory of God's handywork - it was quite moving. My son also had a similar experience the first time he saw Mount Rainier up close. He was about 7 the first time my wife and I took the kids to Mount Rainer. As you know, you drive for such a long time getting closer and closer but you can't see it because of the foothills - then as you come around a bend - suddenly there it is in all it's majesty. My son unbuckled his seat belt, jumped into the front seat, pressed his face against the windshield and wispered to himself "there is a God!". It was a moving moment for me,