Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chugging Down Some Cough Syrup

Have you ever had a cough? Sure. We all have at one time or another. Its an annoyance from which there is usually little relief. Cough drops, cough syrup, cold remedies. They all do a little, but they don't solve the problem, they just minimize the symptoms while you're dealing with the sickness going away.

My son has been a bit sick lately. Not really bad, just a nagging cough that wont go away. Its been going on for about a week. I think he got what I got last month. It lasted about 3 weeks. Not fun.

He coughs most of the day. Not a really bad cough, but enough that its a bit uncomfortable for the little dude.

The other night, we was laying in bed, and coughing, so I got up to give him a bit of cough syrup to help him sleep through the cough.

For the record- he doesn't like cough syrup. He hates the taste. Every time I try to give it to him, he shakes his head, closes his lips and shakes his head 'no'.

As a parent, this is quite frustrating. I'm standing there, at night, at the side of his bed arguing with him about taking 1 teaspoon of some medicine that is going to make him feel better. But he doesn't care. He hates the way that it tastes, therefore, he doesn't want to take it. No way no how.

I am always trying to convince him that even though he may not like the way that it tastes, it is the best thing for him. It will make him feel better.

We're all kind of like that in some way or another. Usually there is a small thing about us that we don't want to have to face that if we did, would change our lives completely. If we would just accept that it is going to be painful, or uncomfortable for just a short time, and realize that it is the best thing for us, we would be great.

But we fight it. We resist it. We try everything we can to not take that bit of medicine that we know is the best for us.

Is there something small that is uncomfortable for you that you have to face or accept to be able to move on? To get better? Understand this- sometimes we have to go through a little bit of pain to experience a lot of relief. If we're not willing to accept it and go through it, we will never get the victory.

Here's a great prayer for today- "God, help me to accept and go through whatever bit of tiny pain I need to, so I can grow in you and experience your victory in Jesus name, Amen".

I think when we allow ourselves a little pain it can translate into big victories, if we will let it.

Be blessed


  1. Matt, Great prayer for the day.

    As a note, Allergy season is upon us, and a cough is a leading symptom for allergies. I might look into an over the counter remedy such as Zyrtec or Allegra.


  2. Matt, you are a wonderful man and pastor and I really miss Faith and Victory. Please pray for me that I find someplace like Faith and Victory or someplace down south so I can go to your church again. There's no place like home . . . and that's how I always felt. I miss you and miss Faith and Victory.

    Aunt Cyndi