Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Did The Most Amazing Thing Last Night

I brush my teeth every night. Last night was no different, I brushed my teeth. What happened while I was brushing my teeth was what was different.

Let me give you a little bit of the back story. I have a little bit of sensitivity on my teeth, and someone recommended me to try a new toothpaste, so I did. I'm trying this new toothpaste called Crest ProHealth. Its got about every last thing you could want in a toothpaste. Short of it actually brushing your teeth for you, it does everything. Plaque, gingivitis, whitener, sensitivity, fresh breath. Its awesome.

I was reading the directions after I got the new tube. Don't ask me why, I just did. I know, who reads the back of a tube of toothpaste. I do, that's who. As I was reading, I noticed that the recommended amount of paste to use was one inch. One inch? I came to the realization that I was using far less toothpaste than I needed to. So what did I do? I increased the amount of paste!

Here's the amazing part. Last night, as I had put this full inch of paste on my brush, and was about to commence brushing, the toothpaste began to fall off my brush. It all happened so fast, but as I noticed the paste beginning to fall off the brush, I quickly re-maneuvered position of the brush, caught the glob of paste, and saved it from certain death in the wash basin.

I have to tell you I was quite pleased with myself.

As I stood there brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror and thought, man, that was simply amazing how I re-caught that paste. It was almost like in one of those Ninja movies where the guy catches the cup of coffee as it falls off the desk, and no coffee spills out. I had reflexes like a Jungle cat, and I was king of the world. It was difficult to continue brushing because I was so overtaken by my skills. It was amazing.

Okay, I might be embellishing a bit, but here's the point- we all do small amazing things every day. Things that no one sees that only we see. Small little victories that help others or save the day. The seemingly benign actions that avoid danger, save time, or improve something. They are the little things we do that no one notices but ourself.

What's the nugget? It important that we notice these things throughout the day. The small actions that we do that may or may not impact the world around us. Why is it important? Because when we do that, we remember that we're the pinnacle of God's creation. We're the crown jewel.

See, some people go around all day beating themselves up when the reality is that we were made in the image of God. He made us with special abilities and skills that the other creatures don't have.

Remember that today. Notice those times that you do something out of the ordinary and thank God that he made you so special. Remember that you're a fearfully and wonderfully made creation of the most high God.

Be blessed today


  1. Excellent point Matt. I have a challenge for everyone. Try to do an amazing thing for someone today. Small or large, give it a shot!