Friday, June 4, 2010

Today Is National Doughnut Day 2010!

Well praise the Lord, today is the day in which we recognize the impact that the doughnut has had on our wonderful country.
You can read about the donut here- its got a great bunch of information.
People sometimes ask me why I love donuts so much. I'm not sure why.
Maybe its because they are soft and comforting. Perhaps its the icing sugary covering. Maybe its the consistency. Wait, I think I may have it- The donut, or actually, donut shops, are one of the only places you can go, and have a variety of something, not having to be forced into one thing.
Typically, when you go to a restaurant, you have to choose an entree, or choose a dessert. When it comes to a donut shop though, you can choose 12 different ones! How awesome is that? Those who enjoy the donut, are able to experience many different tastes and flavors.
Lets be honest, how can you choose between a maple bar, a twist, and french cruller? You don't have to when you're at a donut shop! You can have all three! Praise the Lord!
I understand this blog is pointless today. I get it. I guess its just because as I'm sitting here writing this I cant help but be overcome with thoughts of the raised pastry of glory. I should be thinking of some spiritual significance, but I am overcome with the thoughts of a hot donut.
Here's something for you- the Bible calls Jesus the bread of heaven. If that bread was to have a taste, I'm sure it would taste something like a donut. Think of that next time you have a piece of manna.
Go get a donut today. Its your civic duty.

Be blessed

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