Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have You Ever Washed Your Car, Then it Rained?

It happens to me all the time. I decide to wash my car, and then, the next day it rains. I can't explain why that is, as much as I can say that it happens to me often.

It rained at my house yesterday. Its been 26 days since we've had rain in the Seattle area, and it came in yesterday. We were sleeping with our window open and it was nice to hear the rain coming down.

Here's the best part- yesterday I spent the bulk of my day cleaning out the gutters on my house. For once, I was able to plan correctly in regards to the rain and was able to get them cleaned out before the rain came. Woo-hoo.

I've got to tell you though. I'm not the guy who loves cleaning gutters. I don't like being on a ladder. It was a stretch for me yesterday to be 20 feet in the air up on that ladder, cleaning the gutters. We have a pretty steep roof line, so I'm unable to get on the roof to clean the gutters, you have to do it with a ladder, and move it around the house.

As I was standing up on that ladder, grabbing gunk from the gutters, I was thinking of the spiritual implications of this domestic task. Here's what I came up with- we all have junk in our lives that sits around, either literally, or figuratively. Much like gutters, its usually in a place that isn't visible or easily accessible. And, much like gutters, if we don't clean out that junk, when the rain comes, it will clog us up, cause damage and create more problems.

If we can be proactive in removing some of that gunk, we'll have a better chance of weathering the storms when they do come.

Get the gunk out


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