Thursday, August 13, 2009

It Was 101 Degrees Last Night At Church!

Seriously, last night it was 101 degrees at church. Sure, it was only 101 degrees for me, because that was the fever that I had been running for the past 3 days.

I hate being sick. Its the worst. I've just been laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing but watching TV, and sleeping since Monday night. I didn't even write the blog yesterday.

So as I was laying in bed yesterday, I was not excited about church at all. I wanted to stay in my jammies and continue to watch the Deadliest Catch. Getting dressed and going down to church didn't sound fun at all. I even asked Crystal if we should cancel service.

Then at about 330pm, as I was laying there, sweating through the sheets, I began to think about this guy Paul that was around during Bible times. He did a bunch of great stuff for the early Christian church, and the Lord spoke to me and said- would a fever keep Paul from preaching?

I think that was about all I needed. Mind you, I wasn't about to spend the next 3 hours in front my computer working on a message for the night. I seriously could barely sit up without excruciating pain in my head. 101 degrees is HOT! So, I went to my office, threw some scriptures on an outline and went back to bed before church.

Our Wednesday night services aren't huge, but for some reason, last night it was about 50% bigger than we usually have. There were people there that usually don't come out for mid-week service and a visitor or two.

This is what happened- God gave me the strength and was able to use my horrible notes to deliver a powerful message last night. To God be the Glory!

Here's the best part- I'm sure it was him because I was completely and utterly sapped of energy, enthusiasm and will. After the service, there were some people who came up and said that it was a message that they knew they needed to hear for that night, that was specifically for them.

I'm not grandstanding here. I'm making a point that was real to me yesterday- sometimes when we don't feel at all like doing things for God he can still use us in the midst of it. Its the obedience and availability that He is looking for. Showing up is 85% of the job. He'll take care of the rest.

Next time when you "don't feel like it" do it anyway. Commitment can be a great motivator and empower you for greater works for the Lord!

Be blessed


  1. I was at the service and it was wonderful. It really spoke to me and made me emotional. It hit home for me. Thanks for being faithful to God Pastor Matt!!!!!

    Cathy Cooper

  2. Pastor Matt it was an awesome message!! It is true we need to move forward whether we feel like it or not. We have to wait on God, but he does not have to wait for us to move. Thank you for being such a blessing. I pray that through your obedience God has healed you. Dani

  3. This is awesome...and really ministers integrity and trust...Bless you Matt, hope you're feeling better. Bind that ugly s[irit of sickness in Jesus name and cast it off of you, Loosen the healing powers of Christ into your body...By his stripes you ARE healed.