Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guns, Shootouts, and the FBI

We had chili dogs for dinner last night. It was Monday Night Football, so we had a few friends over to watch the game and enjoy some chow. It was an exciting game to watch. Man, those chili dogs were good. Crystal made the chili with black beans. Its really good that way.

I think it must have been the chili dogs, but I had some crazy dreams last night.
In my dream, I was in a hotel and somehow it came under attack. Probably from terrorists or something, I don't really remember. What I do remember is this, is that there was a wounded FBI agent who gave me his gun to defend the attack. In my dream, he handed me the gun with one round left. And I was like, "dude, do you have an extra clip?". And then he remembered that he had an extra magazine, so he gave it to me.

I never had to use the gun in my dream. But I did end up running through bushes, and chasing bad guys, and seeing old friends from college. It was one of those dreams that seems so vivid that it is real. When you wake up and for a minute, you think that was what happened in your life.

Obviously I wasn't in a shootout, or with the FBI, but it was a real vivid dream. It got me thinking this morning- why is it that we have such vivid far fetched dreams in our sleep, but when it comes to daily reality, most people don't allow themselves to dream big. We may think about things, but we rarely dream outside of the attainable.

Its safer to dream small, because then you have less of a chance of failing, or being let down. But I don't think that's the best recipe for success. When we dream big, we expand our possibilities and open the door to opportunities and blessings that we may have otherwise not been able to achieve.

Some people may not agree with this theological point, but this is what I believe- God wants to bless us. To do good to us, and not evil. How that manifests in every one's lives may not be exactly the same. But the truth remains- he wants to bless us.

Dreams can be part of that. An area of our life where we think big and hope for great opportunity. If we don't allow ourselves to 'go there' sometimes, we may run the risk of not getting there, because we don't open the door to it in our minds. Meaning, we can be the roadblock to blessings because we don't think that it is possible.

Its okay to think big, dream big, hope big and believe big. God owns it all, has it all, and blesses all, but we have to be open to it. If we don't dream or believe big, it may never happen.

Dream big


  1. In our dreams we think about life and what is happening if we are doing right.

  2. Sometimes we have dreams about how life was in our past and that we would never do things that way again and we thank God for his never ending guidance in our life.

  3. In the christain life we exsperieance times of wittnessnig when people just don't want to ponder or focus on heaven especially agnostics. I have had great success with them by asking them if they dream,all have said yes of course everybody dreams then I ask them do you ever ponder the thought that one of these dreams your not going to come back to the same place but move on to eternity whatever that might be in your case ,they usually get defensive and ask where am I going to spend eternity and thats when you plant the seed for JESUS and say ( eyes had not seen, nor ears heard, nor the heart of man cocieved what the Lord thy God has prepared for them that love him it's your choice for me and my(house)dreams I choose to serve the Lord!!! Your friend in tx Pasquale