Friday, October 9, 2009

If You Say it, Mean It.

This must be a week of commerce for me. First the locksmith blog, and now this.

You may recall I bought a 2004 GMC Yukon a few weeks ago. The transmission, in my opinion was acting a little weird in the shift from 1st to 2nd gear, so I decided that I should take it in.

I should come clean here- I am not the most trusting guy when it comes to auto shops. I know that they can really take advantage of people at times. I know that there are really good ones out there, but there are also one's who 'see you comin'.

Here's what I did. I started looking on the Internet for transmission shops and calling around. You can usually get a pretty good read on someone just by the tone of the voice and how they deal with you. I was in outside sales for 4 years. I know the drill. I can tell when I am getting the sell.

That's how I felt when I called a national transmission chain store. I felt like the guy wanted to sell me a new transmission over the phone without even looking at my truck. So I kept looking and found a website for a little mom and pop in Auburn. What sparked my fancy? It had one of those little Christian fishes on the site.

Now, to most people, they either don't see it, or don't care, but for me. That fish means alot. That symbol represents the persecution and torture of early Christians and the secret symbol that they would use to communicate to each other that they were followers of Jesus Christ.

So here's what I said to the guy over the phone before I brought in my truck.

"hey, I noticed you guys have one of those Christian fishes on your website, are you a Christian?"

"Yes, we sure are" He replied.

"Good" I said. "Because I am a pastor, and you are going to answer to God for how you service my transmission".

I left it at that. He agreed that he would take care of me.

You might think that's a bit harsh, but here's my thought- don't say you're a Christian, or have a Christian fish if you don't mean it. Don't market me or put a little fish on your site if its only an attempt to garner some business from the Christian people of the world.

If you say you're a Christian. You should mean it. Its no easy statement. It means alot, if you own a transmission shop, or not.

Be blessed today. If you say it, mean it.



  1. Well you did it again Mr Matt, The hotter the fire on the blog issue the fewer the people that want to share. I've noticed in times past when it is a subject that is pretty safe everybody joins in. I will share this with you at least when people claim to be a christain you have an advantage in the situation #1 they try to be as honest as possible (lying is not an option!) #2they have a concience they can be convicted to do what is right in the site of God!#3 they know and believe you can serve people fairly and still make an honest living and thru the treatment of others it will come back to them a hundred fold Bless God!#4they do everything with fear and trembling knowing that all they do is as unto the LORD and their work will be tried with fire!I could go on and on of the addvantages of having a true christain service your vehicle you have made a right choice! I own a 1988 GMC I bought in 1990 it goes thru a transmission every 114,000 to 150,000 miles consistantly which varies from $800 to $1200 the man that I use is a manager for ammco he is a christain and has always taken care of me fairly and has become a dear friend more than an aquaintanc, twice he has stood behind their work and once they gave me a custormer free transmission service It is my prayer this works out for you and you have a new friend in the Lord and a good mechanic to count on.I don't know why but sometimes I think the Lord is jeleous of our rides,we have got to remember he had to walk every where he went! your friend Pasquale ps Christains are accountable they seem to have alot more scruples than the buisiness minded people out there who could care less about your well being!DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!!

  2. When I was still selling shoes, I had it happen more than once that the most unfriendly, snobby customers (it was always the upper middle class mom and cheerleader perfect teen girl) would pay with a check printed with a tiny Bible verse at the bottom.

    After not making eye contact with me for twenty minutes in the store or responding when I spoke even while I rang up the order, I can't help but feel invisible. Yet, that line of scripture on the check identifies them as Christians.

    I all could think is, glad I'm already saved. It was always hard not to laugh at the un-Christ-like behavior with a statement of faith. Correctly if I'm wrong, but if Jesus had bought sandals from me, he would have treated me with kindness and compassion, made me feel more human.

  3. Ever see a person who is not spirit led by God try and pass and walk in the spirit? It is impossible! TO LIVE A LIFE IN CHRIST means to be totally surrendered to the will of God,only then can you begin to enjoy a true fullfilling moment by moment exsperiance's of a LIFE in Christ Jesus and only then.Great blog pastor Matt blessings ps:The question is not do you have Jesus but more so does Jesus have you?