Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Catch A Rat

Its been a long process, but we figured out somehow that we had a rat living underneath our shed in the back yard.

Crystal had seen something during the summer, I had seen something last fall. Ranger had chased something one night. And then, I saw a small little hole that had been dug in the dirt under the wooden foundation of the shed, and I knew- there was a rat under our shed.

I don't know what it is about rats, but the seem so nasty and germ infested to me. I think if I had a bunny living under my shed I would put out carrots and try to pet it, but rats are completely different. They gross me out.

Sunday night, I decided to put the trap out. I put it out around 730pm and by 915, I heard the snap and knew that something triggered it. I went out, and sure enough, there was a big ol rat out there. Probably weighed about 1.5 lbs. It was gross, but at least I got him out from underneath my shed.

I wonder how long he was living there? Is there any more under there? Here's a big question, if I hadn't got him, would he have established a colony and then infiltrated my house?

The whole idea of rats is just disgusting.

Do you know whats interesting though? There are people out there that have rats living in their houses and don't even care? I'm not talking about pets, I'm talking about rat infested homes, that people don't do anything about.

It always baffles my mind- people who have vermin or junk in their house that they let pile up that they never get rid of. Worse yet, it baffles me that there are people out there that allow other things to infest their minds, and allow thoughts to take root in their minds that have no business being there.

Here's a rat infested thought to get out of your mind today- negativity.

That is a 'rat' that shouldn't be living in your mind. The creator of this universe did not create you to live your life with a negative mindset. God is good. He desires good things for your life. He may be trying to bless you, but because of negativity, you may be missing it.

It may take some time, or drastic measures to catch that rat, but do what it takes to get it, trap it, kill it, and get rid of it and quit being negative.

Negative thoughts are like rats. If you don't kill one, they multiply and will eventually consume you. Sure, negativity may not be your issue, but I'm sure there is some other rat that you need to get rid of. Spend some time in prayer and discover what that thing is, and get rid of it.

Be blessed

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  1. I used to love rats until my doctor told me they were high in cholesterol.