Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apparently The 8 Days Wasn't Enough

You may recall the blog I wrote last week that talked about my experience with the 12 dozen donuts and how it played in to our first church service. I also shared how our church was looking at the opportunity to purchase a building and our attempt at raising 1.5 million dollars in 8 days time. You can read the blog here and the website here

Here's the update- we're a bit shy of the 1.5. Actually, we're about 1.498 shy of the 1.5. The well laid plan appears by all measures to have failed miserably. Or has it?

The hope of 88000 donors has manifest itself with about a solid 30 or so. To me, that says, that there are at least 30 people who strongly believe that this plan could work, and that they believe that it shall.

Its quite encouraging actually. We've gotten donations from people whom we don't even know for a project they believe has value. It pretty great.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I think its important that I am honest with you about what happened last week. I also think that its important to also share with you that we're not giving up on this yet. Have you ever heard that phrase 'there is more than one way to skin a cat'?. That phrase means that you can get to a goal a bunch of different ways.

I'm not exactly sure where we're going to go from here or how its going to happen. Just because this hasn't worked at the speed at which I had hoped, doesn't mean that its over. It is still completely possible for this to happen. I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I usually don't give up that easily.

Maybe you're not a part of what we're doing and that's okay. Here's the nugget for you to chew on- don't give up easily. Just because you try something for a week or a month and you don't get the desired results doesn't mean that its not going to happen. Sometimes some of the greatest accomplishments of our lives are wrought with repeated episodes of tragic failure. You accomplish nothing if you give up every time an attempt doesn't go your way.

Keep trying. Keep moving forward. Keep praying. The God of this universe loves you and has created you with unlimited abilities to be able to affect this world for him. Don't give up easily.

I'm going to prayer. I'm going ask for some direction and see where we go from here. I'm open to suggestions or feedback.

Be blessed


  1. I agree that giving up is not an option!!! Continued prayer, open mindedness, and fervent listening skills are a must. I believe God is working in the background for us and we need to be quiet and hear what He reveals to us in His time!!!

  2. The important thing is that we never lose hope. Even if he doesn't bless us in the time we expect, he will bless us eventually as long as we never give up on him and ourselves. We should keep our faith in him strong as always, like he does for us in return.

    Maybe a fundraiser would help, like a bake sale? It could raise money, let the community know more about FVC and maybe even invite more people, whether saved or not, to join us in worshiping the Lord.

    Just an idea to consider since i love to cook and bake(:

  3. What happened to the old fashion "Church Building Committee" and the news media, it is free and they love human interest stories, your dream of helping others.... good thing I'm in CA or you would be busy daily with my suggestions and actions... (guess who Pastor Matt)look out in the future, BLM