Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did I Ever Tell You About The Dozen Donuts?

I'm sure a few of you have heard this story before, but to prove a point, I'll tell it again.

6.5 years ago when we started our church, we had big dreams. There were only 6 adults that came together to start the church, but we believed that the Lord was in it, and wanted us to do it.

As the day for our first service was rapidly approaching, we went around the neighborhood and passed out fliers. We sent out emails. We invited everyone we knew. We had rented a school, and were ready for day one.

Personally, I was expecting a miracle. Much like going to to the lake to feed the birds, when you throw out the seed, they come from everywhere to eat what you're throwing out. We bought 12 dozen donuts and made 100 cups of coffee for our first service. We set up 100 chairs. We got there early to make sure that parking wouldn't be an issue for the masses that were about to descend on our worship service.

I was pumped. My faith was high. I was excited to see God move in a powerful way. I figured that we could make a huge impact in our community. I had a strong spirit of expectancy.

No one showed up for our first service. No one. Well, if you count the Janitor we had to pay from the school district to be there at the school, we had one person. But they were sitting in their office playing solitaire or something.

I don't remember what we did with those 12 dozen donuts. I'm sure I ate a few of them. I do remember this though- even though the initial response wasn't what I had expected, I rested on the fact that God had called us, and we were walking in his will.

What's the application?

For you- there may be times in your life when you attempt great things that they don't immediately manifest themselves in the way that you had hoped. Do not lose faith in these times. God is faithful. He will do what He said he would do. These are times to build your faith.

For me- right now I'm in one of those times. The unconventional uncommon building fund is moving and growing, but not at the pace that I had expected. The donations are coming in. We're moving in the right direction. I know that God is going to bring it to pass.

I have learned over the past few years that even though God may not move on my timeline, he always shows himself faithful. Every single time. I praise Him and thank Him for it. Just because the fund isn't where I (emphasis on I), expected, doesn't mean its not happening. We're on His timeline.

Be blessed today. Believe God for big things.



  1. Yes Matt - big things happen when we are patient and allow them to happen on God's timeline. It is when we try to force it that things fall apart.

  2. I heard a pastor once say "If we blame ourselves when things go wrong, we're liable to take credit when things go right." I appreciate that when things didn't seem to go right, you still knew that you we called, you pushed through, and God is blessing your faithfulness. Thanks for sharing that story. I was very encouraged by it!

  3. I agree with you totally Pastor Matt! This is the hard part for christians the manifastation of our prayers,from spirit to physical,I've heard it said in times past but many great men of God.That you have to be patient and wait on God while the angels of the Lord fight HELL on your behalf,and remember we have put in a pretty tall order this time. I would advise all the saints to strenghten their angels thru prayer maybe some fasting would be in order God is Faithfull let him try our hearts to see that we are KEEP THE FAITH!! Pasquale.