Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneezing 12,000 Times a day? (Video incl.)

Did you catch this video? Here is a girl who is sneezing about 8-9 times a minute. You can check out the video here. Its quite interesting.

The story is that she started sneezing after having a sleepover at some one's house, and then couldn't stop. If you watch the video, you can see that the medical editor from the Today show raises the question of whether or not the girl is actually having a medical condition or a psychological condition.

Obviously I don't know if she is having a medical or a psychological condition. Here's what I do know- either voluntary or involuntary, that is certainly a bunch of sneezing. What is my opinion? I think it started medically and probably turned into a psychological thing. Why do I think this? Because I believe on some level everyone wants to be known (blog writers) and feel as though they are special.

Most people do not want to live in obscurity devoid of any sort of connection with their fellow humans. You may say that either you or someone else you know doesn't seem to care who knows them or if they know someone else, but those people still must interact with the world.

You go shopping, you go to work, you go out to get the mail. And here's the kicker- someone is always watching you. You may not know them, but they notice you. In a store, on the street, at the Starbucks. You may not interact with them verbally, but they notice you.

What's my point? People will go to what ever measure necessary to feel as though they are being noticed. Dye the hair, pierce the face, or sneeze incessantly. The cry of their heart is 'I want to be noticed-because I want to feel valued'.

The Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Jesus said that the hairs on our heads are number. God knows us. Who we are and where we are. He is intimately involved in your daily life. He loves you.

Do you feel as though you live in obscurity? Do you feel unnoticed or unloved? Take a moment today and think about the fact that there is a God that knows and loves you. As you walk around today remind yourself of it and you will notice Him moving in your daily life. He values you.

You don't need to sneeze 12,000 times a day to get noticed or feel special.

Be blessed

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