Friday, November 13, 2009

I am a VERY Important Man.

There are times that I get a little too full of myself. Or I should say, that I think more highly of myself than I ought. Its a thought that thinks "if it weren't for me, things wouldn't get done, or wouldn't get done in the correct way"

It takes a special event to constantly remind me who is in charge.

I'm a pastor, and obviously, as a pastor I want to see God's church grow. I try to do this by the way we structure our church, and what we do there, and how we set it up. We do outreaches, and events, and I spend a inordinate amount of time thinking about how to grow the church.

And then every once in a while, God lets me know who is getting it done. I'll give you a hint- it ain't the 6 foot 5 big headed dude in the front.

This last Sunday we had about a dozen visitors at our church. You may not realize what that means, but for our church our size, that's a huge number. You hope and pray for that amount. It was real exciting to see those people show up.

Here's the deal though- they just showed up. We didn't invite them, didn't do an outreach, didn't do a mailer. Nothing. They just came in off the street because they wanted to be at church.

There are two big things to learn from this for me.

1. God brought them in.
2. I didn't bring them in.

As I grow as a follower of Jesus and pastor, I begin to see more and more how He is the one that is running the show and not me. Yes I help out a bit here and there and do what I am told, but in the end, Its his deal. He's the one that makes it happen and makes sure that its getting done.

What's the nugget? I'm learning that I should give credit where credit is due, and learn that its not up to me. That when I give my hopes and dreams into the dream giver, he is more able to influence the end result and get glory for it. When I get out of the way, His plans are more easily accomplished.

Is there an area of your life that you are not allowing him to influence? A place that you re not allowing him to get in? Step back, let Him move and watch what happens. He'll move in those areas of your life if you will let him.

Be blessed



  1. A nice reminder, thanks for you insightfulness one more time.

  2. Your humility is inspiring. Thanks for this thoughtful reminder.

  3. I am going to undermine your efforts at humility here and fuel your ego for just a moment.

    just my own observation on growing the church:
    while it is true, you may not have brought all the people in to church, YOU are the a huge reason why we come back!
    You inspire by keeping it all real.

  4. You are not far from becoming a Calvinist :)

  5. I agree with Peggy, Your awesome Pastor Matt