Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 Things You Should Do Before You Complain About Anything

Complaints. We all got them. There is a list of things that we can complain about at any given time of the day. What we have. What we don't have. What we want. What we need. Who hurt us. What is wrong. So many things to complain about. Things to worry about. Things that need to be fixed. 

I try not to complain if I can help it. It does not seem to help my situation when I complain in the midst of them. Usually it just makes them less bearable and really annoying for the people around me.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is going through some stuff, and I started asking some questions about his life to see where he was at in a few areas. He indicated to me that he had never thought about these three areas of his life that directly impact his emotional well being. Therefore, I thought I would share them with you, because perhaps you have never thought about it also. 

Here's the deal- I am a pastor. I believe in God and the power of His word, but I have been serving him long enough that there are few things I have figured out along the way. I know that the way he made me directly influences my ability to deal with every day life. My body is part of the equation. I am sharing these 3 nuggets with you in hope that they can help you also. 

So what are the three areas?

1. Sleep. Dude, you have got to get enough sleep to make it in this world. Life demands so much from you that if you are not well rested when dealing with it, it is going to throw you into such an emotional tail spin that you wont be able to deal with the tiniest of tasks. Have some discipline in your sleep hygiene and make sure that you go to bed at around the same time every day and get the amount of sleep that you need to function. For some people it may be 6, for others, it may be 8. For me, I know if I don't get a consistent 7.5 I am worthless. Even God rested. Get some sleep. 

2. Eat. Seems simple doesn't it? Of course you are eating! But what are you eating? Is it healthy? Are you eating consistently? Do you starve all day and then gorge at the end? Are you restricting your caloric intake to the point that it is making you angry? If you are not eating a consistent healthy diet throughout the day, it affects your mood. Trust me on this. If you are not eating well, it has an effect. Be diligent to eat something, however small, at least every 3 hours or so. 

3. Move. I don't run marathons. I never will. But I know that if I am sitting around in front of a computer screen all day, or sitting in a chair all day that I get cranky. Motion creates emotion. If you are not raising your heart rate on a regular basis, you are going to become depressed and lethargic. You have to get out there! Get up early for a walk. Go to the gym. Ride a bike. Take the stairs. Whatever it takes to get moving, get moving!

What is the point? I am all about believing God for the miraculous, but I am also about operating in this life and this body the way God intended. Often times I find that those small insignificant things that bother us in our lives are minimized when we are doing what we can do to influence our emotions. To control what we can control. 

The truth is if you are tired, hungry and sedentary, it makes everything else in your life seem tedious. Trust me on this. 

Be blessed
pastor matt

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