Thursday, November 17, 2011

An #MMA Fighter In the #WalMart Parking Lot?

I don't get it. It happened again this week. Someone wanted to fight me. Seriously, I'm not joking. 

A couple of days ago, we were walking through the walmart parking lot ( I needed a new pillow for my big head) and apparently Crystal and I did something wrong as we were walking. Or at least that is what we gathered from the yelling. 

We got there and parked, and got out of our vehicle, and began to walk towards the door. As we walked, I did notice another vehicle with its engine running and its reverse lights on immediately as we began to walk down the line. So when we got to it, we didn't stop, we kept walking, because it hadn't begun to move. (it had been in the same position for 20 seconds).

I'm not exactly sure what parking lot etiquette is, but I think that in most cases, pedestrians have the right of way. 

Or maybe I am wrong, because a few moments after walking past this vehicle, what sounded like an irate man began to holler in our direction (there wasn't anyone around us) and berate us for not letting him out of his parking spot. He called out about what we were wearing and appeared to be encouraging me to interact with him. 

So I didn't what any 6 foot 5, 250lb pastor would do. I turned around, cocked my neck, and said "what did you say?" as I was walking towards him. Then, I proceeded to take him down to the asphalt and put him in a rear naked choke. 

How you like me now? Services at 9 and 11 sucka!

Okay, I didn't do that, but I thought about doing that. What did I do? Absolutely nothing. I just kept walking. I didn't turn around. I didn't look. I didn't speak. 

I have learned in my short life that turning around to confront an irate person that far from you makes it worse. It never goes well. 

Why am I telling you this? Proverbs 17:19 He who loves a quarrel loves sin.  

Sure, I'm sharing an altercation in a Wal Mart parking lot, but I am sure that you have interactions in your life that are quarrelsome. Times at work or at home when people try to get you to argue or fight with you. Here is my advice- don't even get into it with them. It never turns out well. 

When you are a person that walks away from a physical or verbal altercation, things turn out better. Getting involved with them rarely turns out well. Granted, you have to swallow your pride to be able to do this, but in the end you will end up honoring God, and not getting yourself into trouble. 

If you love a quarrel, you love sin. That's what the Bible says, and I'm sure you don't love sin. 

Walk away. 

Be blessed
pastor matt

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  1. Love it, Matt! Love your blog, too. Only wish your church was closer so I could take my family. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. "Turn the other Cheek." Good man ! Thanks for the Godly example.

  3. Thanks for the story. It was fun how you added what you could've done, but like you said the Bible says if you love a quarrel, you love sin. Thanks for sharing!