Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Majority of #Democrats Seldom or Never Go to #Church?


The Gallup polling organization released its latest data yesterday and revealed that 52% of the democrats that they polled, seldom or never went to church. While this number is only 2 percentage points away from being half, and 3 percentage points away from being majority in the other direction, the number to me is still interesting. You can read all of the data here- http://www.gallup.com/poll/150611/Democrats-Liberal-Less-White-2008.aspx

As I was going over the data, a different number stuck out more than what a political group is doing. Of the United States Population, only 33% attend church weekly, and 46% attend seldom or never. Almost half of the US never goes to church. 

Almost half of the adults in the United States of America seldom or never attend church. 

That means that only one in three people go to church on a weekly basis according to this poll. So I ask the question- do you go to church? Actually, I ask that question to a lot of people that I meet. I think that they expect it from me, since I am a pastor. Often times, it is fun for me to watch them go through their mental Rolodex (I just dated myself) and try to come up with the name of some church in hopes that I will leave them alone and not invite them to church. 

It doesn't work. Its easy to see the people that are trying to act like they attend a church when they don't. 

One of the most common statements that people make in regards to church is that while they believe in God, they don't believe in 'organized religion'. And by organized religion, I am assuming, to them that means, they don't want to miss sleeping in on Sundays, or having to leave their house and commiserate with other human beings. 

I can understand and sympathize with people who don't want to go to church. There are hypocritical churches. There are charlatan preachers. There are whack-o churches. There are churches out there that shouldn't exist. But, just because that is true, doesn't mean that there aren't good churches also. 

Just because you got food poisoning one time you ate at a restaurant doesn't mean you will never eat out again. I'm sure of it. You'll just stay away from that buffet place. 

Democrat, Republican, Independent. You need to find a church and attend. 

Church is awesome. Its a place where the Spirit of God moves in the midst of the people that attend. God never intended for people to believe in Him on their own apart from other believers. From the beginning of time, God has always desired for people to be in community, and in that community, no matter how big or small, they are able to connect with God as a collective whole. Church is the place to do this. 

Do you go to church? If not, you should. I tell people that churches are like restaurants, you just have to keep looking, and you will find one that you like. The best church for you is the one that you will attend on a regular basis. Church isn't supposed to be a place you stop in, is a place that you become a part of. A place where you are able to connect. To give and receive love. To hear from God and worship Him. 

If you don't have a church, find one. If you have a church go to it. Regularly. 

I do not care if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, and God doesn't either. He wants you to go to church. 

And so do I. 

Be blessed
pastor matt

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