Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Power of a Phone Call From Doug

I had a great phone call coming out of church on Sunday. As I was leaving and locking up, I got in my truck and noticed that my friend Doug had called me. As I usually do, I called him right back and asked what was up.

It was great. He had just called to encourage me. He said that He felt like the Lord wanted him to call me and encourage Crystal and I in our ministry. He encouraged us to stay the course, to realize that the work that we were doing was good and to know that we were supported. It felt great to get a call like that. Who doesn't love encouragement?

Here's the kicker. Doug is the Pastor of Evergreen Foursquare Church in Auburn. We're not the same denomination. We have no professional affiliations other than we both pastor in the same city. He's the "competition" to most pastors. To me, He's a fantastic guy who has the right mindset when it comes to helping people- we're all in this together.

Pastor Doug has the mindset that its not about him, and its not about me. Its about doing the right thing for God and the people of our city.

Sure, you may not be a pastor or even go to church, but I would assume that there is someone in your sphere of influence that is trying to accomplish the same things that you are.

Are you reaching out to them? Are you encouraging them? Or are you so wrapped up in competing with them that pride has a hold of you? I would guess that Coke isn't calling Pepsi every week and encouraging them to keep selling soda, but that's not the point. The point is that when we encourage other people to accomplish what God has called them to do (even if its the exact same thing we're supposed to do) we increase the likelihood of our own personal success.

Thanks for the encouragement Doug. I want to encourage you in your work also. You're a great guy, and a great Pastor. Your church is blessed to have a guy like you at the tip of the spear.

Be blessed today, and pick up that phone and encourage someone!


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