Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Explosion- A Cell Phone- An Email- A Drive

I drove to Spokane Washington with a friend yesterday. He had something to do for work in Spokane, so I hitched a ride with him to Couer D' alene, to visit with my grandparents for a few hours.

You didn't know this, but yesterday, I wrote the blog en route from the vehicle we were in. My friend has a wireless card for his laptop computer, which enabled me to write and send the blog as I was traveling over Snoqualamie Pass. As I was doing it, I thought to myself, "isn't techmology amazing"?

On the drive back, I was talking to a friend from church, I think I was about at Moses Lake, and he said to me, "Matt, I gotta go brother, a 18-wheeler just hit a power pole". I got be honest. It seemed a little odd that he would use that as a means to get me off the phone. I've heard weirder things, but OK, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. What happened next was crazy. Not 5 mins later, I get an email, on my blackberry, from the Mayor of Auburn stating that there had been an accident with an 18 wheeler, that took out a power pole.

Are you getting all this? Driving, emailing, calling, explosions, news updates, drive to Idaho and back in one day with a hybrid car that has a GPS that talks to us.

My point? What a world in which we live that we can stay so connected to everyone and everything that is going on around us- but here's the hard part- sometimes we can stay so connected that its hard to disconnect.

Disconnecting with the world is important and let me tell you why- currently, as much as I can figure out, God is not using email, phone, TV, and or any electronic device to speak to you directly. Sure, he can speak through others through these mediums, but they are just that- a go between.

I want to encourage you to disconnect. To find time to unplug from the electronics and open your ears to what the man upstairs may be speaking to you.

Go for a walk, Sit in a chair outside. Lay on your couch in silence. What you will find that God Almighty, ruler of heaven and earth will speak to you in that silence, and it will be awesome.

Disconnect, and then connect, with Him.

Be blessed.


  1. God invented the concept of twitter. I've been praying to him and giving him updates for years now. Ashton Kutcher may have hundreds of thousands of friends on twitter, but God gets millions of prayers a day. Way more friends than Ashton. LOL -Ryan

  2. Did you know your phone has a navigation system available that will talk to you, too? Its more efficient as it updates regularily. Its called VZ Navigator. You can even set up which voices you want it to speak to you in. I prefer the English chap.