Monday, June 1, 2009

Do Something Most Will Never Do

Good Morning!

I know I haven't been writing a blog post on Monday mornings, but today, I wanted to write you a quick post and let you know what some of the people of our church are doing. We have committed to reading the entire Bible in 90 days.

Tall order, I know. There is a bunch of hurdles that we are going to have to get over as we endeavor to read the most magnificent book in the history of the world.

Its going to take about 30-60 mins a day to complete it. I am sharing this with you, because I think it could really be a blessing for you if you'll agree to it. Don't be concerned with the size of the task, but realize that you will be blessed when you agree to do this.

What will it feel like at the end of the summer to look back and know that you've done something that most people will never do? You will accomplish in 90 days what most people will never do in their lifetime. Read and finish the Bible.

I am including a link to the reading plan here. Join us and many others who are going to be spending the next 90 days reading the 'good book'.

Let me know if you're taking part in the challenge. I'd love for us to stay connected and encourage one another.

It starts today. June 1st. Print out the reading list and start reading!

Bless you


  1. Join me, we are going to try and read the bible in 45 days, and we are going to start Tomorrow and we are offering free kittens.

  2. Paul, sarcasm is a double edged sword that cuts both ways. I will pray for you that you find the happiness you so desparately seek. Pastor Matt, I've always wanted to read the bible from front to back and had started to do so many times. This gives me an opportunity to publicly state my intention to do so in the hopes I will finally accomplish this task. I'm In!!!

  3. I'm in for a try. After all, I read every single day anyway

  4. Pastor Shriner, what you say and what you do are two different words. I can say I can read the bible in 30 days. But trying to accomplish true reading that really doesn't help ready it that fast. That's just actually being sacrastic. And trying to make yourself look good.