Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yeah, I Have to Admit, I Cried.

I cried yesterday. Not like blubbering, moaning weeping crying, but I had some tears coming out of the eyes, and a bit of a sniffle. I'm not afraid to admit I cry at times. What brought on the outburst yesterday? Free donuts down at the Auburn Donut and Muffin Factory on Auburn Way! I'm joking, actually, we watching the movie "Marley and Me" last night. I heard it was a tear jerker, so I was all set up to not let it get to me, and then it did. I cried.

If you don't know the movie, let me spoil it for you. Its about a young couple and their yellow Labrador retriever (Just like my Ranger dog), and the life they have with him.

It goes through their relocations, their jobs, their kids, it really paints a picture of the process of life for most of us, how it is always changing, always evolving. And how there are certain things that usually stay the same that we hold on to, and in this case, it was the dog.

(Spoiler Alert) The dog dies. Not a traumatic event, just an old age dog, who reached their point of death. It was sad. Sad because the movie got you to love this dog, and in the end, it died.

I was thinking this morning about what is says in the Bible, that there is "a time to be born and a time to die".

We don't like to think about death much.

Especially when it comes to those people whom we love the most.

In the movie, death was represented by this dog. In our own lives we sometimes take for granted that we have a lot more time to do what we need to do. That we can put off giving love to the people in our life who are the closest to us. The reality is that all of us, and those we love will eventually meet the same fate as Marley, and none of know when.

Sure. It was a predictable movie, but if it makes me hug and love those close to me this week a little more. That's fine with me. To be reminded every once in a while about the brevity of life and the joy of loving those around me is ok.

Hug em close


  1. My in-laws gave us that movie and I totally cried too. It was a really interesting narrative for a movie I thought. But yeah, with a dog or cat you are really reminded of the brevity of life and how important everyone is around you.

    The song my wife and I have always sung to our kids and they love it is Do You Realize by The Flaming Lips. Wonderful song that was written out of the death of a friend of theirs that basically says how we should let those around us know that we love them.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Matthew

    you need to see 7 pounds.....now that's a tear maker in the works.
    You know you cuzi s usually hard on the outside...lol but that movie made me cry.

    Hey it's been 7 years yeasterday since my daughter ali died...and I probably should go to church and see ya soon....
    Tell aunt cindy hi and I love her.
    Aunty donna is coming up at the end of the month..we'll call ya and let you know...
    It's been to long since we all have been together..
    Love ya brat

    your Cuz Catherine...lol