Thursday, June 11, 2009

George Costanza- Complete Opposite

I love Seinfeld. Its a funny show. My wife and I usually end up watching it while laying in bed late at night. Its a great way to unwind after a hectic day. If you haven't watched the show before, I'll explain to you what its about- nothing. That's right, its a show about nothing. Kind of like my blog, it takes an every day thing that happens, and turns it into a show.

So one episode, the character George Costanza, decides that his life is going horrible because he always makes the wrong decisions based on instinct. One day, he realizes that what he feels on the inside is completely counter productive to the type of life that he wants, so he decides that what ever his initial thought is when doing something, he's going to do the complete opposite. His theory being that if he is naturally completely wrong, if he did the opposite, he would be completely correct.

Its a funny episode to watch. He fights every urge that he has from ordering food, to talking to someone, to getting a job. The funniest part is that it works. His life is totally changed for the better in every single way.

I think sometimes we're a bit like George. Our natural instinct in some ways is completely counter productive to what we should be doing. Let me give you a few examples.

I'm sick and I feel like eating food that is bad for me, when I should be eating good food.

I'm having relationship troubles, I don't feel like talking about them, when I should be talking about them.

I'm having health problems, I don't feel like exercising, when that's exactly what I need to be doing.

I'm feeling lonely, so I don't want to be around people, when that's what I need.

I feel distant from God, so I don't want to be around the people of the faith, when that's where I need to be.

You get my point? Our natural tendency at times is to draw away from the exact thing that we need at that time. We need to realize when these times are and choose to do the exact opposite.

To begin to understand that God has given us everything that we need, through Him to be able to get through whatever it is that we're going through.

But sometimes, the greatest roadblock to a blessing, isn't because of something that God isn't doing, its because of something that we're not doing.

Be blessed

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  1. How very true. So often in my life I was my own worst enemy due either to pride or ignorance or both. All of which was in my control to correct but didn't. These are good words. Thanks Pastor Matt