Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have a Bible Study, Go to Jail?

Interesting article from San Diego. Apparently a Pastor and his wife were holding a Bible Study in their home, and deputies were dispatched to investigate. The pastor was told that he was to cease and desist the meeting of about 10-15 people in his home. You can read the full article here.

This is what is shocking to me- based on the article, it appears to me that this man was targeted simply because he was a Christian. 10-15 people is not a huge amount of people. My next door neighbor has parties twice as big, and the only thing the police have told him to do is keep the noise down.

Here comes my rant- I am tired of every other demographic in the nation getting special attention, but when it comes to people who are Christian we are treated as second class citizens, simply because we believe in the God of the Bible and choose to worship him.

And here's the kicker- where's the tolerance training for the Christian demographic? Where's the special day, week, month for us? We, the Christians of America are the most racially diverse socio-economic group in the nation. We have young and old, rich and poor, and every single racial group represented in our demographic. Yet the respect and tolerance for our right to 'peaceably assemble' is infringed upon.

I'm all about freedom. I understand that when one persons freedom infringes on another persons freedom, (as may be the case in this instance- if there was parking problems or something) it requires the intervention of another to ensure that that every one's freedom is kept. But for this instance, it appears as if this group was targeted simply because it was Christian.

I'm ranting this morning, I know, but at times I am worried that there will come a day when I will not be free to worship God or congregate with other Christians, and that concerns me.

Be aware. Pray. Be Blessed.


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  1. This case sounds like a couple of bad cops, who bad a crappy decision. I would imagine that if you were an African American man for that matter ( jewish, islamic or budhist ), you wouldn't just have one story about being marginalized, you would have more stories than you would have stories about not being marginalized.

    You are making a lot of assumptions about this situation, the article is making a lot of assumptions. No fines have been issued, no arrests have been made. A couple of people came out to hassle a Christian couple. In reality it probably wasn't that good of a bible study. As soon as they get blocked, a lawsuit will be filed, and it will go to the supreme court and then the county employee will lose his or her job, become a national villain on TBN and everything will go back to normal. Christian 1 rest of the World 0.

    Where's the special day, week, month for us? I don't know: Christmas, Christmas Vacation, really the entire month of December. Easter, Holy Week, Pentecost, All Saints Day. It is a stretch, but I am gonna say Thanksgiving and St Valentines Day. Lent, St. Patrick's Day.

    We are not victims we are not marginalized and when we as Christians claim that we are marginalized, it weakens other messages of truth that also come out of our Mouth.

    You don't need sensitivity about your group when you are the group of power. You need training about sensitivity when you are marginalizing other groups because you have power.