Friday, May 1, 2009

Your Turn To Write The Blog

I have a friend who was part of a gym. He had been part of a gym before, but recently, he decided to be in a gym that was newer, because he felt that it would better meet his needs.

Let me give you little background on my friend. He's a great guy. When you're around him you sense that he's got it all together. He's one of "those" guys who just seem to have that kind of magnetism that draws you in. I have to say, its a joy to be around him.

So he had been in this one gym for quite a few years and seemed to be doing well. He was improving, and changing a bit, but whenever I would talk to him, he would always say that he just felt that there was something missing.He wanted the perfect gym, and figured until he found it, he would never be happy. He would work at it a bit, and try to do the right things, but it seemed that the improvements that he made, or the advancement that experienced was always short lived. He couldn't figure it out.

So, he decided it would be better for him in a new gym. It would be more exciting, it was fresh, it was new. For him, there was just something special about the newness of new gym. To him, he figured a fresh start was exactly what he needed to be where he wanted to be. Finally, this gym would solve all his needs, make him complete and allow him to experience the best in his life.

After all, its all about him right?

My friend is on his 6th gym. Its still not working. He's still not satisfied. He's still not happy.

I told him this- it doesn't matter what gym you're in. You can accomplish what you need, and grow to where you want to be if you'll apply this simple principle- I can be successful in any gym if I realize that who I am and what I do is what brings success, not what gym I am a part of.

I told him its not about the gym he's in, its about who he is in the gym.

I hope that makes sense to you today. If it doesn't go back and insert the word "gym" for "job" "relationship" "house" or "church". Maybe that's what you need today.

Bless you


  1. I'm looking for my space to write your blog. It looks like it's already written.

  2. Great advice! My definition of unhappiness is "thwarted expectations". I've found happiness is easier with minimal expectations and high hopes.

  3. I think that this is one of my favorite blogs. We often say if only....

    Your awesome, and you rock!

  4. People always feel the grass is greener somewhere else. If you don't change within, nothing else will change. That is my 2 cents for today. Dani

  5. Did you know I am planning to paint my fence green? That way when someone says it is always greener on the other side of the fence....I will have positive proof.