Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's the Big Deal About Amercian Idol?

Its tonight. The final of American Idol. There are Americans out there that are captivated by this show, that are on the edge of their seats waiting, to see who will be crowned American Idol. Last night was the final competition, and tonight, we will find out who will be crowned the winner. There is an interesting article about the voting frenzy that you can read here.

I don't know if you watch that show, but I am sure you know the concept. Its quite amazing that this show has been on for 8 seasons, and there are still millions of Americans that watch it.

It brings up the question- What is the huge draw of American Idol? Or for that matter, its competing show, Dancing with the Stars. Why is that people will rearrange their lives simply to be able to sit down and watch these shows for an hour or two.

Its the dream. The dream of stardom. The hope of being famous, and I think for most people, the longing for significance. In this world that goes so fast, with millions of people, at times some may feel lost in the shuffle. The dream of American Idol for a moment puts people in a place that they wonder what it would be like, for only a moment to be known by the world if only for fifteen minutes.

Significance and attention are important. Most of us wont end up on a reality show to be known by millions, but here's the good news- You have the ability to be an American Idol to someone every day, and here is how- Love them.

I like what 1 Peter 1:22b says- love one another deeply, from the heart. When we love people deeply it gives them significance and attention. It honors them. It encourages them. It lifts them up. In the process, you're given significance also.

Isn't that more important that signing on a stage?

Love someone today.


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