Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know I Talk About My Dog Often (His name is Ranger, not Often)

I know my blogs are usually centered around my kids, my dog, and other benign stuff, but its difficult to use all of my examples I have in my life, because I am a pastor. Lets be serious here, how would you like it if you had an issue that you shared with me, and it became fodder for the blog next week? I wouldn't be a pastor that long, that's for sure. I want you to realize that my examples are limited, but good none the less.

That being said, this morning on my walk, I saw a rabbit. It wasn't a very big one, but it sure was a rabbit. I saw it scurrying across the field, and I called to Ranger (he was in the bushes) to come and see it, but he missed it.

He ran over when I called him, I pointed to it, and he went in the general direction, but it didn't seem to be working. I think he may have caught the scent, because he took off into the bush after it. But to no avail. He came back bunny-less. His opportunity to live out his hunter roots were squashed.

As we continued on our walk, I said to Ranger, "Sorry boy, you missed your chance". The Lord quickened my heart as I spoke it, and I realized that is how alot of people are. Sure, we're not chasing bunnies, but we too have opportunities that only last a moment, that if we're not ready, are gone for a lifetime.

God puts opportunity before us every single day. Opportunities to help people, bless people, listen to people. He puts before us opportunities that can change our entire life if we take the opportunity. And sometimes, they only last a moment. If we do not take them, they will be lost for ever, never to be there again.

Is there an opportunity that God is putting before you? What is holding you back from taking it? Don't be afraid to walk through doors that God opens for you, you may find that the largest blessings of your life are on the other side.

Look for the opportunity today. Be Blessed.

Go after the bunny.


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  1. I agree we need to go after the bunny more. Great opportunities come along once or twice in our life, which door are you going to walk through? How many times have we not talked to someone because they seemed to have a bad attitude and a kind word from us could have totally changed their day. Go out of your way, say a kind word, praise someone for a job well done, smile & give the best that God has given you. Dani