Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If You're Not Intentional, You Won't Make It

I'm going out to breakfast this morning with a friend from college. We have been going out to breakfast about every month for 6 years now. Yes, there has been times when we miss it for a few months, but for the most part we make it about every month.

He lives in Seattle about an hour from me, so we meet in the middle at a Denny's and have some breakfast and catch up. Its a great time of fellowship for the both of us. To be able to talk about life, our families, our ministries, and other things that we support each other in.

Sometimes its difficult to make it to those breakfasts. Something seems to always come up. I have a meeting, he has a meeting, I have plans, he has plans. For some reason it seems its always a stretch to make it happen.

But we still do it. We make time for it. Even though it may not be easy all the time, we do it because there is a value in what we do. We get together and encourage one another, and always seem to grow from the experience.

We are very intentional about getting together. It doesn't just 'happen'. We put it on the calendar and we plan around it.

That's how it is with most things in life. If you don't plan for it, it wont happen. You have to be intentional about the things in your life that matter to you most. You can't think that it will eventually just magically appear out of thin air.

Jesus challenged people with this same notion when he asked them "Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it?"

What is he saying here? That unless you plan things out before you do them, they will never happen and you wont accomplish what you set out to do. Make those things in your life a priority that will help you grow the most and put them on the calendar. Then watch how much you are able to grow, simply because you planned out the things in your life that matter the most.

If you're not intentional about it, you wont make it.