Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tell Me the Truth. Would You Have Done It?

We went to a birthday party on Sunday after church. It was a 'backyard' party for a kid in Faith's class. Typically, I find something to do on the days that these parties are, simply because, well, who wants to spend 4 hours at a kids birthday party?

I have to tell you. I am so glad that I went to this party. No, it wasn't because the barbecue was so good. It was OK, but it wasn't phenomenal or anything. The reason I am so glad I went to this party is that I had the best birthday cake I have ever had in my entire life. Seriously. The cake they had was amazing. A-May-ZING! It was fluffy, and the frosting was spectacular.

As I was leaving the house. I really wanted another piece of cake, but that seemed somewhat rude, so we left.

When we got home, we had some friends over, and I couldn't stop talking about this cake. Then it came to me- I could go back to their house (which was only about 4 mins away) and ask for another piece of cake!

Of course our friends, and my wife somewhat discouraged me from this course of action, but I really wanted that cake. It took about 1.5 hours to muster up the courage, but I finally called them and asked, "Hey, I don't know if you remember me from the party, but I really liked that cake, can I come back and get another piece?"

Oddly enough, they said yes, and I went back for another piece! How awesome is that! Mmmmmm glorious glorious cake! It made my afternoon. What wonderful people.

What's the nugget for the day? Don't be afraid to ask for anything. I know this has been a blog topic before, but I thought you would get a kick out of this story. God is in the business of blessing people, but if we're not willing to put our selves out there sometimes, we may not get the blessings!

Its hard to go back and ask for a piece of cake. Would you have done it?


ps. if you didn't get the radio show yesterday, I put up the interview on http://www.faithandvictory.com click on Audio Messages and its right there.


  1. Ask and you shall receive! ;) Funny! I love it!! Ellen

  2. did you ask where the cake was baked? i had the most wonderful piece of cake back in highschool in my german class and like 15 years later i still think about this cake. it also had fabulous frosting which is normally pretty blah. so yeah, i can relate to the cake-love and i'm sure they were happy to share it with you :D

  3. That is SO funny! It reminds me of our wedding reception. When we were making out our invitations, I said, wouldn't it be neat to have our party at this person's house? They have like a mansion type house and hold huge parties there. So after building up my courage, I picked up the phone and asked them. They were glad to do it. We had an awesome party and we didn't have to rent a hall! By the way, I wasn't the first to have a party at their place either.

  4. I wonder if anyone in their family has a blog. It would be interesting to see the other side of this very funny story.

    I'll bet they were glad not to have so much left over cake.

  5. I would have asked for the recipe so I could have the cake whenever I want. =)