Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Blog Block Monster Attacks Again

Its happened once again. It doesn't happen too often, but for some reason this morning I have a bit of "blog-block". My good friend Chad will probably call me this morning and bust my chops about it and say that writing a blog about not having anything to write about is not writing a blog. Whatever Chad. You're more than welcome for a guest appearance of writing this blog if you think you can hack it.

I'm not sure why the block this morning. I'm not overly concerned with much. I know that Christmas is about a week away, the in-laws are coming Monday, I'm officiating a wedding Saturday, we've got a big Christmas eve service coming up. Not really sure here, but there might be a bit on my mind.

I was thinking about writing about forgiveness since that's what I preached about last night, but that's a pretty deep subject that I don't think I could tackle in a few paragraphs. I was going to write about a guy from Pittsburgh who robbed a bank wearing a Steelers sweatshirt that I thought was rather fitting. For a moment today may have been a blog about my dreams of snow for next week that clearly aren't going to materialise.

Here's a blog nugget for you today however so small- smile as much as you can today. More often than you think you should. You will find that people in stores and such will look at you funny because you do it so much, but that's okay. I do it all the time and people think I'm a weirdo, but the people that do receive it receive it well.

You can be an ambassador of Christmas joy over the next 7 days.

Be blessed. Throw me some grace. Love to all.



  1. Double funny... "a guy from Pittsburgh who robbed a bank wearing a Steelers sweatshirt that I thought was rather[...]FITTING!" (emphasis added). That's a good one!

  2. Here could be a blog subject. Why schools can't use the word Christmas. I went to my niece's concert last night (which was very good by the way). They sang a song about Hannakkuh, but couldn't even talk about Christmas. The music teacher wished everyone a happy holidays. I am dismayed to think that the schools or even the government can talk about all the other holidays & yet they can't say the word Christmas. After all what is this season about. I told my niece that it is sad that they have taken prayer out of school. She agreed with me. I told her in high school that we had a prayer group (which was led by our high school football coach) & that we prayed before school started. She thought that was pretty cool. I find it sad that in this case the minority rules. Because a few people complained & felt their rights were violated that we have to change in our schools how we celebrate Christmas. Just my thought for the day.... Dani