Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Put Up The Lighted Idol To The god of Materialism Last Night

I did a little gooogling about the History of the Christmas tree and there is quite a bit of controversy regarding that little green bush that we decorate every year. Some say its a pagan symbol. Some say its a Christian symbol. Some just say its a tree.

We put up the lighted idol to the god of materialism last night- our Christmas tree. At least, that's what some would call it. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but to us, it is a tradition that we do in our family to recognize that it is time for reflection of the season Christmas.

The pagan vs. Christian debate can be brought up in regards to many things in our society. There are some people that believe that Christians shouldn't associate with or be a part of anything that is not explicitly Christian. To them, putting up a lighted tree in their home is akin to erecting a place of worship to the god of Mammon.

Here's what I think- You can put a poster on your wall that says "Jesus is Lord" or you can erect a silver pole and perform feats of strength. What I believe matters most, is WHY you're doing it. Whats the motivation behind it? I think that it is just as easy to erroneously put a cross over your door and think that its going to protect your family, as it is to put a lighted tree in your living room and not think about what Christmas really means.

I know its early in the season, but I want to encourage you today to start to reflect about what this season truly means. I think its important because with every light, every cookie, every song, if we don't reflect or think about it, this season can be rather meaningless.

Here's what Christmas is all about- the arrival of Jesus. The child who came into this world to reconcile people to God. That's it. The arrival of Jesus is an announcement that we will eventually no longer be enemies of God.

Think about that this month. Think about how glorious it is we have a God who sent us a savior in His son Jesus. If we spend a bit more time reflecting on that this month, everything we do will have a bit more meaning, because we will be reflecting on what truly matters. Not trees, presents and snow, but the arrival of the King of Kings.

Be blessed


  1. thank you for the Festivus reference. best line of your blogging life.

  2. I completely missed the Festivus reference on first reading - hilarious - Kramer lives! But seriously, Christmas truly is in the heart. It should be the most joyful time of the year for all Christians - yet - sadly - for many it is the most stressful. Be nice to each other!