Friday, December 4, 2009

How To Fix Something Really Fast

We took out our Christmas stuff this week. Tree, decorations, and lights. There were quite a bit of lights in two separate boxes. Some for outside, some for inside. As I took them the boxes, I plugged them in and found out that about half of them were not working.

I'm sure you're not surprised. Somehow those strings of lights go into the box working, and then during the year, some little gnome goes up in the attic and makes them stop working. Its crazy.

It presented me a dilemma- either go and buy new lights, or try to fix the broken ones that I had. Now, I'm not sure if you've ever tried to repair a string of lights, but its no quick task. Typically it involves plugging in the set, and then taking one light bulb and going down the line swapping it out repeatedly. If you've ever done that task, you can agree is arduous and boring. The worst part is that there is no guarantee it will work.

There wasn't a lot of hope for the traditional fix from me. That sounded like a lot of work, and downright boring to spend that much time working on that. No thank you. Then I remembered this thing my brother showed me last year- this magical 'gun' that you can use to repair Christmas lights. Have you seen it? Its amazing. Basically, you unplug the light bulb and then shove that little receptacle into the gun and pull the trigger over and over.

I don't have any idea how that thing works, but somehow that little string of broken lights starts to work. The process takes all of about 2 mins, if that. It is utterly and completely amazing. Its fast, its quick, and saves a ton of money from having to buy new strings of lights.

As I was standing in my garage last night fixing these strings of lights, I couldn't help but think about the power of God. See, you need to understand me a bit- I like things to be done fast, not slow. So whether its Christmas lights or popcorn, I want it done the quickest way.

Sometimes I think that people don't realize how quickly God can fix things if they will let Him. Sure, you can go it alone and get frustrated and mad. The other option is to allow Him to do the work for you, fix it quicker and better than you ever could.

Are you trying to do things the old way with your own strength? or have you discovered the power of God in your life to be able to repair your life in a way that is powerful, magical and expedient? Believe Him today. Draw from His fixing power to light up your life. It will amaze you His ability to fix the broken things of your life if you will let him.

Be blessed


  1. "See, you need to understand me a bit- I like things to be done fast, not slow. So whether its Christmas lights or popcorn, I want it done the quickest way."

    You are most possibly the most impatient man I have ever meet! But the truth remains... what we all need to do with our problems is just 'Let go, and let God'. Love you brother!

  2. Thanks for the props bro!

  3. it is also good to remember that God loves us even if we are not the "brightest bulb on the tree" :)