Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jesus Christ Reports For Jury Duty In Birmingham

This week in Birmingham Alabama, a lady showed up for jury duty who had legally changed her name to Jesus Christ. When her name was called, it caused such a ruckus that she was released from jury duty. You can read about it by clicking here

Wow. I am amazed. For a few reasons. Seriously? A woman changed her name to Jesus Christ? Its not so much that its a woman, because I think that even if it were a man who had changed his name, I would be equally surprised. To change your name to the savior of the universe is a pretty tall order. Can you imagine how people would respond to you if you messed up just the tiniest little bit?

"Um, excuse me Jesus, but I was really expecting a little better from you".

"Yea, Jesus, would it be possible for you to show up on time for work next time?"

"You know Jesus, I've been meaning to talk to you about your attitude problem".

Or how would it sound if it were your name?

"Hello, this is Jesus Christ, may I speak to Harold please?"

"Well its a pleasure to meet you! My name is Jesus Christ, but you can just call me Jesus"

There are endless situations! If you're name was Jesus Christ, people would expect perfection from you at all times. I figure if you have the guff to change your name to the savior, you should start acting like one. Word of advice- don't change your name to Jesus Christ, it would be way to complicated.

Here's the spin though- if I were on trial, I'll tell you who I would want on my Jury, and that would definitely be Jesus Christ. Not this woman named JC, the actual King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus of Nazareth who is the Christ.

This is how I know that woman wasn't truly Jesus, because this is what Jesus would have done. He would have gone to the judge, and taken the penalty for the crime that person committed. Jesus would take the blame and punishment for something He didn't do. Because well, that's what Jesus did on the cross. He took the penalty for the things we did wrong.

Remind yourself of two things today-

1. You are not Jesus. Do not try to be Him. Try to be like Him. Mold your life to live as He lived, not to actually become Him. We don't need another Savior.

2. You want Jesus on your side when you're in trouble. Don't kick him off the Jury. Unless you're in Birmingham and its a lady named Jesus. More than likely that person isn't all there.

Be blessed.



  1. Just read the article. Noticed one you missed..."Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful." Maybe the reporter should have prayed some more. LOL

  2. It sounded like this lady was a little crazy. She wouldn't even listen & was disruptive. She is definitely going to live in a glass house now. It is people like her that give Christians a bad name. I knew of a religion where you had to change your name. (I thought that was creepy). I had a friend from a previous church that converted to this new religion & had changed his name. When I saw him & he corrected me on his name, I said I am sorry but I know you as.... The things that people do in the name of religion. I am glad that I serve the real Jesus Christ. Dani

  3. It also said:

    Christ didn't try to get out of jury duty and was "perfectly happy to serve."

    Aint that the truth :)

  4. Seek Jesus now as Savior, or later as Judge! Who do you want him to be? I chose savior!