Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Found Out if You Ride the Carousel You Get Arrested

I'm sure you've thought about it before. I sure have. Every time I am at any airport anywhere in the world. When I am at baggage claim, and I see the carousel moving, I want to get on it and ride it. It looks fun! I remember there was one of those Airplane! movies way back, when there was a scene with a bunch of people riding the baggage claim carousel, and since then, I always wanted to do it.
There have been times when I almost did it. If it weren't for Crystal I probably would have, but I always ended up chickening out.
I'm glad I didn't do it. Turns out you go to jail for things like that- Check out this article- some guy at Miami International airport hopped the carousel, and it ended him in jail. Whoops. I guess you can't ride the baggage claim, no matter how fun it may look.
I give the guy some credit though. He isn't going to spend the rest of his life wondering what riding the baggage claim carousel will be like. He did it. He didn't talk about it, he didn't plan on it. He went and he did it. Granted, he may have been an Al Qaida operative trying to infiltrate the baggage area, but more than likely it was a guy who just wanted to experience a part of life that he had always dreamed about. Now, he never has to wonder about it. He did it.
Now, I'm not encouraging you to go out and break the law today, but I want to ask you, what type of person are you? Do you think about stuff, or do you do stuff? Do you talk about doing something or do you do it?
Here's the word of the Lord for you today, straight from the Victory blog-- step out in faith and DO something. Not something illegal, not something that will cost you your life or livelihood. But something that you've never done that will change your life.
Maybe you've never been the one to apologize first, the one to work harder, the one to give more. Maybe you talk about going and doing something nice for someone, but you never move past the 'talk' phase. Is your life a life of talking and not doing? Do you talk about going to the gym, cleaning your house, building relationships, going to church, or going out with friends?
One day, you are going to reflect back and look at your life and think about the opportunities that you had and you are going to think one of three thoughts- either you did something and were glad you did, you did something and wished you hadn't or you did nothing and wish you had. I'll take number one or two. At least then, I know the outcome.
God loves you. He wants good things for you. (Good legal, moral, ethical things). But somehow, he has set this thing up that we are supposed to take action in this life to see things come to fruition. The question is, how much longer are you going to think about it before you do it? How much longer are you going to leave your dream on a shelf and think about it?
Don't stand there are and wonder. Do it. Pray and ask God for the strength to be able to do it. He will help you. He will be with you. Don't be afraid. You can do it with his help.
But, I wouldn't recommend getting on the baggage claim carousel.
Be blessed today
pastor matt

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