Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vote For Gabe! Don't Vote For Those Other Chums!

It starts pretty young I guess. My son, Gabriel is running for political office at his elementary school. Its a position called "publicity officer". I'm not exactly sure what they do, but he is running for it, and hopes to win.
This past weekend, the family was helping him put together some signs to put up in the school. The rules are, no more than four 18 by 24 inch signs. Gabe was working on the practice signs and came up with this slogan- "Vote for Gabe! Don't Vote For Those Other Chums!". I thought it was funny, because he came up with it on his own, but clearly it was inappropriate.
It made me think though. How is it that even at 10 years old, the kid has learned that mudslinging is the way to win a political race? Its for an elementary school position and already these kids are clamoring for political clout. Its the way of the world I guess, but i don't agree with it. But how can I blame him? Look at all the political ads that are running on the television today. Its nothing but slam ads. Sure, there may be a few that aren't but the bulk of them are very negative.
I'm tired of it. It seems as infantile as my 5th grader doing it.
Why do grown people think that their negativity of another person in some way is going to endear me to them? Do they think that I will magically come over to their side simply because of some obscure news bite from 15 years ago that paints a negative picture of the person? I don't think so, but they must think so, because they keep doing it.
Here's the deal. I know that politics are a necessary evil. The Bible talks about governments and leaders and the importance of them. But when I think about politics, there is one verse that always sticks in my head-
 Isaiah 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.
The verse is talking about the coming Messiah and his rule as the King of Israel, but it makes me think about modern day politics. It comforts me to know that in spite of the political climate of the day, that God still reigns on His throne and that there is no end to His peace. Even though some politician may vote a certain way, or conduct themselves in a certain way it is inconsequential when it comes to eternity. I will not be an American forever, but I will be under the governing power of the ultimate King forever.
Rest in that today. November 2nd will come soon, and this will all be over. Be comforted with the fact that even if your party doesn't do well in the elections, God has your best interests in mind, and you will be taken care of regardless.
Be blessed
pastor matt

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