Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescued After 2 Months? How about 15 Years?

I'm sure you've seen the news stories about those miners who have been stuck in the ground for the last 2 months in Chile. Its a pretty amazing story that these 30 or so men have been in a mine, 2000 feet underground, and are now being rescued from the depths of the earth. I can't imagine what it must have been like for those guys. In the dark, no fresh air, no ability to move around. Wondering when death would consume them. What a dire existence.
How they must be feeling today after being set free from the depths. The air is clean, the sky is wonderful, life is good. I'll be interested in the stories that come out of this experience in the coming months.
As compelling as the story is, it makes me think about all the people I know who have never been stuck in a mine for 2 months but live their life every single day like they are trapped in one. 
Its not that hard to find someone who lives their life like they are stuck in a mine. They complain all the time that they are stuck. They act like there is nothing they can do about their situation. They live in an emotional pit of despair from which they believe is no escape. They blame their problems on their circumstance, as if somehow their life is trapped by 700,000 lbs of rock and stone. They believe and act as if they are stuck in a hole and doomed to die. That they believe that their situation is hopeless and they will never be rescued.
How many of those miners do you think turned down the offer to get into that escape capsule and be brought up into the light? How many of them do you think said that they would rather stay where they were at, because as horrible as it was down there, they had gotten comfortable with their situation and wanted to remain in the mine.
I'm pretty sure that the number was really close to zero.
Here's the deal, do you realize that you can be rescued from whatever pit of trouble or helplessness that you are in? You just need to get in the escape pod. God provides these for us everyday, but people hardly use them. Through Jesus, God provides an emotional, spiritual, and tangible escape from any bondage that we all find ourselves in. The question is, will you get in, or will you stay in the depths of your despair?
Don't let one more day go by without getting in the capsules of escape that God provides. He has capsules of prayer, comfort, deliverance, and encouragement that wait for those who will get in. The only question is, who wants to go first?
Remind yourself of that today. If you feel trapped, call on God, he'll send a capsule that will rescue you from the bottom of the pit of anywhere.
You wont even need special sunglasses when you come up.
Be blessed
pastor matt

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