Friday, May 7, 2010

Do This When You Meet Someone New- You'll WOW Them!

I meet people. Its what I do. Out and about, at church, at functions. Whatever it may be, I seem to be meeting people wherever I go.
I met someone yesterday. I wont say where, or in what context, as much as I will tell you the initial greeting that I had with them, was, well, lacking.
Here's what happened- I was at this place, there was someone whom I knew, and they introduced me to their friend. As I reached out to shake this persons hand, I was given an almost fully extended arm, that was rigid in nature, and only the finger tips of their hand. This is what that hand shake told me- I'm a a distance. I don't want to meet you. Here, I'll let you try to half way grab onto my fingers as an attempt to make it seem as though I'm being cordial.
I thought about it quite a bit yesterday and here's why- in my world, I think you only have one chance to make a first impression, and its made largely through the handshake.
There are some handshakes that really bug me-
The "over the top"- When someone shakes hands with theirs completely over yours, their palm facing down- to me it says dominance.
The "wet noodle" When someone gives you a limp collection of phalanges and expects you to cradle their broken hand- to me it says weakness.
The "grab you first" When someone someone clasps too fast, and doesn't give you the opportunity to get your hand in there. to me it says distrust.
The "break your hand" Very common among men- Its when you squeeze as though your life depended on it, but with no grimace. The goal is to make it seem as if this is your natural strength. To me it says shallowness.
Now when I say hand shake, this is what I mean- a fully embraced, all the way to the palms, not too hard, completely clasped handshake. No one's hand is farther in the shake than the other, no one's hand is more on top. Its a fully equal shaking of the hands that signifies the openness of the beginning of the relationship. Its firm, but not too hard. Its long enough to signify a connection but not too long to say that you're creepy. Its a just a good handshake.
Think about your handshake today. It says alot about who you are. Look for opportunities to have a good handshake with someone. Its the beginning of a relationship and a means by which you can start a relationship.
What the spiritual significance? God doesn't want you to be a dominant,weak, distrustful or shallow hand shaker. He wants you to be a person who is confident and can convey the love of God in any way shape or form. In America, that way can be through a handshake. Think about it. It can be a great ministry to people's souls.
Be blessed today. Go shake some hands

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