Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here is 4 Things You Should Love

Love is an important emotion. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you want to be loved and want to experience love. Its normal. We're wired that way.

I was preaching on love last night at church, and figured I could give you guys a condensed version. Here's the four loves you need to have-

1. Love for God.
I know this is a simple concept, but its a bedrock one. We need to have a deep love for God. Love for who He is, what he has done and what He is about. Our Passion should be to love Him with all of our heart, soul, and mind. This love should change us. The way we live, the way we act and the way we see the world. Love changes us.

2. Love for Family.
The Bible says that someone who doesn't care for his family is worse than a heathen. There are alot of people who say they love their family, but when it comes to their actions, it doesn't seem that way. When you love your family it shows in how you talk to them, interact with them, and serve them. If you are an angry person who lashes out at the people you love, its really not that loving.

3. Love for Enemies.
This one isn't that easy to do, but as Christians, we are called to love those who hate us. Think of the person that annoys you or hurts you constantly- that is the person that you're supposed to Love. Jesus said that if you love those who love you, its no good. We need to love the people that hate us. They need our love the most.

4. Love for Ourselves.
Probably the hardest one of them all. For some reason people think that a self-depreciating mindset that constantly tears themselves down is doing God a favor. God doesn't make junk. When you look in the mirror in the morning love what you see and thank God that he made you. The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. Meaning, being able to love others depends on being able to love yourself. Do it. It will change your life.

There you go. 35 minute sermon in 3 mins. Not nearly as exciting as a full sermon, but you can get the small edition today.

Be blessed today. Go practice some love.


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