Friday, September 18, 2009

The Down Side of Negativity

I'm not sure if I've wrote a blog on this before. I'm sure at some point they may be redundant, but I figure that repetition is the key to learning.. right? Besides, my wife still laughs at my jokes I've been saying for years, so act like this is the first time you've heard this even if you haven't.

Yesterday I was spending some time with my friend Jay. He's a great guy. Very cerebral. He loves to think and talk about what he is thinking about, so we are usually not at a loss for something to talk about.

Yesterdays conversation gravitated to a conversation about conversation, and this is what we mutually noticed about society- for a large portion of people, when in conversation, it usually gravitates towards the negative, not the positive. For some reason, people like to spend more time talking about what is bad, broken, hurting, painful in their life, rather than talking about something that is good.

I can understand that at times, there may be something that is of global significance that may merit a discussion or conversation for mutual emotional support, but that is not what I'm talking about. What I am talking about is the "hey, hows it going" that frequently turns into a "so and so is sick" or "let me tell you about something horrible that I heard happened" or " here's whats going on in my life and let me give you the most negative spin possible on it".

Its an epidemic. Watch people today and listen to the words that come out of their mouth and look for something encouraging or positive that is coming out. You'll be searching for a while I think.

Here's what you can do- as the Bible says in Proverbs 21:23 He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity. Speak life today. Choose to only speak positive and about good things. I understand that you may have things that are bad that you would like to talk about, but try today to only speak about what is good in your life and see what it does to you, and to the people around you.

Have a great weekend



  1. Great message! I too have noticed this phenomenon to the point that positive conversation is conspicuous - it makes you raise an eyebrow in suspicion. I'll try to be more positive. Lets try - I'm positve my life sucks! I'm positive your life sucks! I'm positive everyone's life sucks! And I'm POSITIVE you know I'm kidding!!!! Stay positive.

  2. I think I may have nothing to say :)


  3. Try not to be an eeyore!!!! :)

    Cathy Cooper

  4. You are absolutely right Matt!! Will do. Thanks for sharing...I obviously have not read or heard this message enough!!!

    Blessings ~

    Chris :)

  5. Great blog Pastor , as you grow older you'll learn new things to say and what not to say. Like instead of saying "hey how's it going" or Hey how are you doing" you'll say "Hey it's good to see you' this eliminates any chance for that person to go on for hours about how they feel and all the doome and gloom in their life. Of course they might remind you at their age it's good to be seen. Which you can reply "yep ,well at my age it's just good to see amen' God is so good, as we grow older that beautiful young women you married starts to grow in different directions, Don't worry God has your back you loose your eye sight and go by touch, then that lovely voice she had that could out-sing a song bird starts to fade don't worry God has you covered along with her voice fading, so does your hearing and on it goes, long story short you can get by without good looks and you can loose your sight and your hearing but stay sensitive and chase after and don't ever lose the touch and voice of God in your life. Love ya Pastor take care ageing gracefully senior!P.S. what wonderfull years some where between Golden pond and Blue Lagoon

  6. Not that I favor negativity but when you dissconect your negative post from your vehichal you can count on it not starting without a negative force alot of amenities in the world we live in would not be of much service, with out the negotive attitudes we run across we wouldn't have a chance to share the mercy and grace of God in our lives I thank God we are not all alike it sure would be a boring world oh and I confess I to have been negative at times it's part of our make-up.You know pastor Matt will can loose at somthing and still be a champion what's important is that we take the shot they say " It's better to have tried and failed than to never of tried at all" and I'll add to that and say on behalf of our awsome God we serve "what the enemy ment for evil God will make for good even when it starts out a little negative.