Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bright Lights Make Your Future Brighter

From this day forth, my future will be brighter. At least it will be brighter in my kitchen and in my bathroom, because yesterday I did a small upgrade.

We were in Wal-mart and needed some new bulbs for our kitchen lights. Small ones. Like 25 watts a piece. As I was standing there in wal-mart I was thinking "do I really want to replace these puny little bulbs?". Well, the answer was no, so I went to Home Depot and bought 3 new light fixtures with 100 watt fluorescent bulbs (which only consume 23 watts each), and installed them. Our kitchen lights can now be seen 5 houses down the street. Its so bright in there.

It looked so great I decided that we needed to upgrade the bulbs in the bathroom. We have an overhead vanity that has 6 bulbs, so I went back to get that many low-watt fluorescent bulbs.

Where I live in Covington, I'm only 5 mins away from Home Depot. I have to drive on a neighborhood arterial, and then get on a bigger highway. As I came up to the light, I had to turn right, but the traffic to left was really backed up, and as I looked down the road about 300 yards, I could see that there was a few emergency vehicles and a lot of lights. That's what was blocking the traffic.

I turned right and went down the hill towards Home Depot, noticing that the traffic was backing up on the opposite side of the road. I hadn't gone that far, maybe a half mile mile or so and began to see a few people on the other side of the road making U-Turns to go back the other direction.

I thought to myself- why are they turning around? The obstruction is only a half mile away. If they would have just stayed in their lane, they would've been through the traffic in probably about 7 minutes.

Of course I couldn't tell them this. I was in my car going the opposite direction. All I could think was- if they would just stay the course, they would get through it in no time. There is no need to turn back.

Such it is in most people's lives. We go along towards where God is leading us, and we get to place where there is the slightest bit of resistance and we immediately turn around and go the other way.

Much like the traffic yesterday, if we would stay the course, we would get through it, if we have patience. Slowing down is just slower progress, but you're still moving forward.

Don't turn back today. Don't make a U-Turn. Don't turn back. The obstruction may just be a few minutes away. If you turn around, you'll never get through it.



  1. Marilyn A.
    I know what you are saying.It just takes longer if you make a u-turn or sometimes will never come back. Keep up the blogs. I Love reading them even if I don't make a comment.

  2. This reminds me that you still owe me a garbage disposal installation! :) Hee hee Ellen

  3. This is so on key for us...Thankyou oh great son-in-law...Mom GG