Wednesday, September 30, 2009

82lb Dog Jumps Fence (pic included)

My dog is crazy. Literally. He really does some funny things. If you own a dog, I'm sure your dog does some crazy things too. Dogs are funny.

Ranger has a one track mind, well, maybe 3 track mind.

Track one- eat. Which manifests itself with his daily feedings, and attention to all things going on in the kitchen in hopes of catching falling morsels.

Track two- walks. He loves to go on walks. Its his "love language" any hope of a walk sends him into a frenzy.

Track three- Backyard craziness. My Dog is convinced that there are squirrels on the other side of the fence at all times. So he either tries to jump the fence, or my charge the back gate at full speed.

I've included a picture of him trying to jump the fence. The second one, him charging the gate, is of current annoyance to me. Here's how it works- each night when it is time to go to bed, I let him out into the back yard to do his business and he always does the same thing. He charges, at full speed while barking towards our back gate. It is very annoying, because its late at night and my neighbors bedroom is right by there.

I was thinking about it last night. Why does he do this same thing every night? Here's what has happened- at some point, there probably was something there, and he has been conditioned to believe that there is a critter there for him to attack. So every night, he goes back to it.

Simply put, he has formed a habit that is not grounded in reality. He believes something that is not true, and it is causing him to get excited about something that that is not there.

In good ol' Pastor Matt blog fashion, it occurred to me last night- this is how a lot of people are when it comes to their own life. We have been conditioned to believe things that are not true. We get excited about stuff that is not grounded in reality.

Here's the hard part- when we habitually believe things that are not true. Sometimes it gets labeled as 'worry' or 'fear' or some other negative emotion. It not only inhibits our ability to function properly, it can run the risk of stagnating our spiritual growth because we continue in a thought process that is not of God.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but has given us a sound mind. Challenge yourself today and think if there is an area in your own life that you habitually believe something that is not true and decide to stop it.

Yes, there may have been a squirrel on that fence one time, but its not there every time.

Be blessed


  1. OK Pastor Matt, I've give it to you in dog language, first you have to put yourself in his paws just like you do when you are praying for someone.2ndYou know this is your last chance before bed time to show your stuff to your master and let him see what you are made of,just like us before the Lord as we close our day with prayer. 3rd That fence is a border between that "BAD BOY" man eating squirrel and my loved ones! 4th Don't think him strange Matt he's just doing his job protecting his terriotory and exercising his power over the enemy just like we should be doing he is a great dog! who knows that charge to the fence could be a call to that squirrel to come out and play I Double Dog Dare you!!!! one day that ol squirrel's going to slip and you'll be makeing some gravy to go with that refried squirrel! see ya your friend Pasquale p.s. God made the nuts but he didn't crack them ,he left that up to good pastor's like yourself to deal with amen!

  2. That is incredible, thanks for the picture.