Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yeah, We Got a New SUV (pic included)

We bought a 'new' SUV yesterday. Not really new, it was used. Its a 2004 Yukon XL. White, with brown cloth interior. It has about 98K miles on it. Its a 4X4, its huge. Its probably going to get about 14 miles to a gallon. The payment for my car was 237. This SUV its 239.

Last night as I was getting into bed, I told Crystal that I was going to write about the SUV on the blog. She said, "what is the spiritual significance to that?". Gotta love my wife.

As with most things in life, and on this blog, the spiritual and personal significance of things in my life seem to be more internal than external. The times that God stretches me the most come from my internal struggles and less with the outward things that happen in my life. Its the process of processing it that I find what God is teaching me in the midst of my life.

Here's what happened. You may remember that we flipped our minivan back in January (see January blog). Since then, we have been a one and half vehicle family. We have a 91 Ranger that I drive when the other vehicle is being used. Anyway, we had a Chrysler 300 that we were using for our family vehicle, and as far as family, friends and ministry go, its quite an impractical vehicle. Four door sedans seat 4 people. That's just how it is.

We wanted something bigger, safer, with more seating, and we weren't going to get another minivan, so this is what we decided on. Here's where the struggle comes in- I can't explain to you how much I loved my 300. Its truly the only car that I've loved. You might call it my first love of a car.

Its interesting. Last night while sitting in the sales office of the dealership, the owner was able to uncover why I was hesitant to pull the trigger on the purchase- I was emotionally attached to that Chrysler and did not want to trade it in. He said to me- "you know as well as I do that sooner or later you're going to have to get rid of that car for something more practical for the family. And I know you'll do it. The question isn't if you're going to do it or not, its when you're going to do it".

I was talking to the Lord last night as I was driving home in my new used SUV and thinking about my dream car that was sitting on the used car lot now and it occurred to me. Perhaps that car owned me and I didn't own it. That's wrong. God doesn't like it when I allow things to have control over me, I am supposed to have control over them.

Thanks Mr. Used Car Salesman for allowing God to use you and your dealership to stretch ol' Pastor Matt. To help strip me of any love of things of this world. To help me realize that I had the wrong heart condition when it came to an automobile.

Its all good. The purchase went fine. I'll be fine. Thank you Lord for stretching me once again.



  1. That is super sweet! Is it a Denali? Ellen

  2. Great message.... I personally loved the irony that the advertisements on your blog; two of them were for a Chrysler 300!

  3. Nice it's got God written all over it! Even the grill emblem GMC God Matt and Crystal G.M.C awesome, lets look at some other good reasons the favor of God is all over this land yacht. #1 reason - It's going to increase your prayer life just to keep gas in it! #2-reason- It's going to bring the two of you closer to keep it cleaned and waxed since it's 2 and a half times bigger than your chrysler was! #3reason -now you will half to be nice all the time to your good wife or this might become your next office it certainly will be a nice place to camp when your in the dog house ol Pastor Matt.#4 be carefull with all that extra room and being able to seat 9 people + you might think about adding to the family (just kidding) but all in all it won't take long to fall in love with this ol giddy-up pickem-up truck it's AWESOME Matt and Crystal.p.s. This gives your good wife a good reason to shop for some new outfits you know any gal will tell ya," ya can't drive a pickem-up truck without the proper wardrobe" hat ,boots, jeans,etc.... that last idea was free always eager to help out pastor.your friend Pasquale

  4. Besides the obvious..more room to work with as you utilize it for the ministry....you and your loved ones will be that much more secure than you had been in your 300. And besides...you can always rent a 300 for a date night with Crystal anytime. :)

  5. Good Job Matt!!